Rise of the Tomb Raider: one of the best action games

There is no mistaking that Crystal Dynamics has taken its first Lara Croft escapade and capitalised on it in almost every way, creating a true classic whilst at the same time launching Lara up there with the greatest gaming protagonist of our time. Rise of the Tomb Raider shows us a fully established Lara Croft. No …

Gaming Reviews November 10, 2015

Need For Speed’s cringe-worthy acting is the least of its problems

After a whopping 21 games and a surprisingly successful movie, the Need For Speed franchise returns in an attempt to reboot the series and bring it back to its underground roots. Developers Ghost decided that the long-running successful franchise needed renewing and so we have the simply-titled Need For Speed. What do you need for a …

Gaming Reviews November 9, 2015
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