The Simpsons pay tribute to Marcia Wallace: ‘We’ll really miss you Mrs. K’

Producers of The Simpsons have paid tribute to Marcia Wallace, who voiced teacher Edna Krabappel, with a special farewell message scrawled on the famous class blackboard by her most troublesome pupil, Bart Simpson. Actress Wallace died last month aged 70. [Picture:] In the opening sequence of Sunday night’s episode, rather than his usual punishment lines, …

Television November 4, 2013

‘Thor 2’ has a lot in common with Game Of Thrones, says director

Thor 2 director Alan Taylor cut his filmmaking teeth on hit TV drama Game Of Thrones. And he claims that the superhero sequel has been “dirtied up” to reflect the fantasy show’s gritty style. Speaking to film critic Alistair Harkness, he said: “I was like the third director from Game of Thrones Marvel were talking …

Cult TV October 28, 2013

Why David Lynch must not retire from movies: 7 of his finest moments

The recent revelation that David Lynch may never make another full-length movie was met with dismay from his widely dispersed cult fanbase, us included. While his forays into music have been impressive, it’s on the big screen that we still want to see Lynch work his weird magic. So we’ve compiled some of the director’s most …

Cult TV July 1, 2013

More than Tony Soprano… 5 of James Gandolfini’s finest performances

He may have been best-known for the way he cast an Italian-American mafia boss in a whole new light throughout six seasons of The Sopranos, but James Gandolfini also delivered scene-stealing turns in a wide range of films. Following the actor’s sad and untimely death, WOW247 looks back at five of his greatest movie performances. …

Cult TV June 20, 2013

‘One of the greats’ – Tributes pour in for James Gandolfini

Award-winning actor James Gandolfini has died suddenly at the age of just 51, while on holiday in Italy. Tributes have been flooding in for the American star, best-known for his acclaimed lead performances in hit TV series The Sopranos. [James Gandolfini as Tony Soprano, the role that launched his career] Gandolfini reportedly suffered a heart attack in …

Cult TV June 20, 2013
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