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Omar Rodriguez Lopez

Five times musicians gave themselves crazy workloads

Being a professional musician must be a pretty sweet gig, right? Touring the world, playing in front of thousands and writing music is the stuff of dreams for many averse to getting a ‘proper’ job. But there are those who go above and beyond, putting their workshy brethren to shame. One such music star is …

Music Lists July 8, 2016

The Ultimate Bob Dylan Quiz

Bob Dylan: the singer-songwriter who invented folk-rock, brought poetry to the masses and politicised pop music. To celebrate the legendary lyricist, we’ve put together a set of 25 questions to test your Dylan knowledge. Take the quiz below (the answers aren’t blowin’ in the wind)… More: Bob Dylan’s new album: what to expect 10 of …

Quizzes May 24, 2016

Listen to Jeff Buckley cover The Smiths

In keeping with the current revival of all things ’90s, an album of previously unreleased recordings by Jeff Buckley is set for release. The new album features ten tracks, all of which were recorded early in the ‘Hallelujah’ singer’s career. Buckley only released one studio album – 1994’s Grace – before he drowned in the Mississippi …

Music News November 13, 2015

Bob Dylan performs live for just one fan

On Sunday, folk-rock legend Bob Dylan played a live gig at the Philadelphia Academy of Music – in front of just one solitary audience member. The lucky fan in question was 41 year old Fredrik Wikingsson, who was treated to a full set – including unusual covers – from Dylan and his touring band. Swedish …

Music What's On November 25, 2014

11 celebrities you (probably) didn’t know were also novelists

Because being an internationally renowned actor or musician isn’t always enough… Now and again, certain best-selling authors (think JK Rowling or Stephen King) gain so much exposure that they become widely recognised VIPs, rubbing shoulders with film stars on the red carpet and being snapped by the paparazzi. On the other end of the spectrum, …

Film Lists Virals October 23, 2014

21 songs that made movie scenes great

An often unappreciated element of film-making, the right song choices can create timeless emotional triggers, and transform good scenes into great ones. Used the right way, they remain in cinema-goers’ minds long after the film is over. Luke Wilson picks out some of the most creative and successful song selections in cinema history. (Warning: Some spoilers below) ‘Where is My Mind’ in Fight …

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