Quiz: Which Marvel Defender are you?

Marvel and Netflix have teamed up to make a string of TV shows based on those ass-kickin’ Marvel Defenders. First it was the masked maestro Daredevil, then it was the tough-as-nails P.I. Jessica Jones, and next up Luke Cage is getting his own series this year, with Iron Fist to follow. So now’s the time to …

Quizzes January 29, 2016

Which Suicide Squad member are you?

The release of the new Suicide Squad trailer has had everyone surprisingly optimistic. Maybe this won’t be a disaster after all? If you’ve gone past ‘optimistic’ into ‘superfan’, you might already be thinking of who to dress up as for the premiere in August. So which of the deranged psychopaths most fits your personality? By …

Quizzes January 22, 2016

The Big Quiz of 2015

Can you conquer our epic trivia test on all the years happenings? We like to think not, but prove us wrong, and may the force be with you.

Quizzes December 31, 2015

Which kind of office Christmas party person are you?

Christmas party season is here and all across the land people who don’t normally drink much are preparing to drink. A lot. Every year, without fail, the same stereotypes come out to play. There’s always someone who embarrasses themselves by spewing in the corner, the quiet guy from accounts turns out to be a massive …

Quizzes December 11, 2015
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