Peter Hook on banning drugs in the studio – and how Kraftwerk tried to emulate New Order
Peter Hook interview

New Order bassist Peter Hook has offered some fascinating insights into the making of seminal ’80s album Power, Corruption and Lies – and revealed how the band’s music ended up influencing their own heroes.

Hook says that enigmatic German synth pioneers Kraftwerk tried to emulate his band’s famous hit ‘Blue Monday’, even going so far as to turn up at the studio they recorded it at.

Peter Hook interview
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Speaking to Jon Cronshaw ahead of a UK tour that will see albums Movement and Power, Corruption and Lies played in full, he said:

“We were trying to emulate Kraftwerk, and they ended up trying to emulate ‘Blue Monday’. There’s this weird circularity about it.

“They went to the same studio where we recorded ‘Blue Monday’ to try and capture the sound, and the equipment was quite old.

“They just turned around and left, they couldn’t believe we’d recorded it there.”

‘Blue Monday’ became the best selling 12-inch of all time.

It didn’t actually feature on the Power, Corruption and Lies album (“we treated the albums and singles separately – we felt uncomfortable about charging people for the same track more than once”), but even without it the LP stands as an impressive and influential work.

“It felt like the first proper New Order album,” recalls Hook. “We did our own production.

“We worked really hard on this album, trying to learn this new equipment, and trying to make it sound electronic and acoustic at the same time – it’s a standard in music now, but at the time we were breaking new ground.

“Bernard used to come in wearing a white lab coat. Our old producer Martin Hammett was a bit like a mad professor, so I think he was trying to keep that alive.

“I’ve heard quite a few rumours about Bernard putting a tab of acid under his tongue each morning when we were in the studio – I can tell you that didn’t happen.

“Drugs in the studio don’t work. They just block creativity and make you lazy.”

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