Moby and Thom Yorke in Twitter spat over Spotify

Thom Yorke has responded to a jibe from Moby on Twitter about his opposition to the music streaming service Spotify.


[Moby has got involved in a light-hearted spat with Thom Yorke – Getty Images] Radiohead singer Yorke has, along with former Talking Heads star David Byne, been an outspoken critic of Spotify.

He has pulled an album by his side project, Atoms For Peace, from the service earlier this year, and has attacked the rates Spotify pays artists, labelling the service’s position in relation to the music industry as “the last fart of a dying corpse”.

But over the weekend bald-headed singer-songwriter and producer Moby joined the debate, posting a short note on Twitter:

“Artists who are adaptable are doing fine. A musician who makes records, tours, DJs, remixes, does music for video games and films is doing fine. I love Thom Yorke, but when I heard him complaining about Spotify, I’m like, ‘You’re just like an old guy yelling at fast trains.”

Yorke, however, was clearly not amused. Also posting on Twitter, he said he was a “Luddite” and “proud of it”:

Moby later clarified his comments, perhaps wishing to avoid a dispute with the Radiohead star:


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