Bronzed Jeff Goldblum stars in hilarious TV advert – watch
Jeff Goldblum

Who better to sell GE’s new range of smarthome light bulbs than a semi-naked Jeff Goldblum; immaculate hair, bronzed torso and all?

Jeff Goldblum

Goldblum stars in their new advert as self-proclaimed ‘famous person’ Terry Quattro, a man who knows how to look good.

Thus, while playing piano in a Jacuzzi, Goldblum launches into a brief pitch on the merits of fantastic lighting. If looking like Goldblum does at 61 years old is purely down to lighting, then maybe we should be scrabbling for our credit cards already.

“Have your lighting servant get a GE link lightbulb for only $14.97,” coos Goldblum. “That’s less than what I tip the guy who tips people for me.”

The advert comes courtesy of Adult Swim comedy writers Tim Heidecker and Eric Warehiem, best known for their Cartoon Network shows Tom Goes to Mayor and Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!

Check out the ad:

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