How Andrew Lawrence provoked the greatest Twitter feud ever
andrew lawrence

Comedian Andrew Lawrence made waves in the comedic establishment this week.

His attack on the ‘liberal back-slapping’ of BBC panel shows such as Mock The Week prompted a lengthy barrage of tweets from the likes of Frankie Boyle, Dara O’Briain and even Nigel Farage.

Here’s a run-through of how sh*t went down.

andrew lawrence

We’ve been reporting a lot recently on the tame nature of social media spats, but this one had it all: controversial comments, comedic fall-outs and even a contribution from Nigel Farage – tweeting from a country pub, presumably.

The saga began on Saturday

… when Lawrence decided to dish out some opinions via Facebook on the latest series of long-running panel show Mock The Week, in which he felt obliged to come to the aid of poor, poor UKIP.

Andrew Lawrence Facebook

The note continued on in a similar tone, with the comedian – known more for bizarre vocal acrobatics than weighing into political discourse – complaining of ‘benefits tourists and criminals’ and the ‘money grubbing charlatans’ at the BBC.

Dara O’Briain was quick to weigh in on Lawrence’s comments

The Mock The Week presenter ignited a tirade of abuse and questions from a whole flange of UKIP supporters.

Then there was a very public fall-out…

Amazingly, Nigel Farage sprung to Lawrence’s defence

The growing online hoop-la over the Lawrence Facebook post was enough to awaken the UKIP lizard king himself, with Nigel Farage deciding to get involved in a ‘Don King’ role to Andrew Lawrence’s ‘Mike Tyson’. Everyone needs a hype-man:

Step up, Frankie Boyle

Shots were indeed being fired and it wasn’t long before Glaswegian comedian Frankie Boyle was getting involved in a true Frankie fashion.

With Farage on the ropes, Lawrence and Boyle slugged it out

It wasn’t long before the comedy world was harking back to simpler times

Meanwhile, Dara continued to wrestle with the more UKIP-inclined members of Twitter

Which got Ricky Gervais thinking…

In may be that this Twitter spat still has a long way to go…

A well-deserved ‘handbags at dawn’ from Vic and Bob for all involved:


Who do you feel came out on top in this Twitter fall-out?

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