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The usually hectic album release schedule is slowing down as we head into the final part of the year, perhaps in preparation of all of those end-of-year lists that are soon to be flooding your consciousness.

WOW247 will have one of those too, don’t worry. But in the mean time we’ve decided to broaden our horizons, and take a look at some of the albums exciting us over the next couple of months, and into the new year. Alex Nelson presents 13 of the best.

Deerhoof – La Isla Bonita

Out now on Upset The Rhythm

Madcap San Franciscan math-rockers Deerhoof dropped an early cut from their 12th studio album La Isla Bonita a few weeks ago. ‘Last Fad’ presented listeners with four frenetic minutes of some insanely speedy guitar weaves, studio chatter and enough tempo changes to double your brain age.

First single ‘Mirror Monster’ takes a more leisurely pace, fusing washy guitars with Satomi Matsuzaki’s cooing vocals. And the video features some nice shots of cars being crushed.

Now the album is out proper, if you like your music to twist and turn at seemingly random junctures, Deerhoof are the band for you.

Superfood – Don’t Say That

Out now on Infectious Records

If JAWS made the right call in delaying their debut album until the buzz of the “West Madlands” scene centered on Birmingham died down (including bands like Peace and Swim Deep), then the even longer wait for Superfood’s debut should come with an even greater payoff.

Fusing Britpop guitars – there are more than a few references to Parklife-era Blur in there – with baggy drumbeats, the result is as mad as hell, coming across at times like early Gorillaz. You can imagine this record making the perfect soundtrack for a messy house party.

Raking in some brilliant reviews in the few days it’s been out, Superfood may find themselves appearing as a late addition in many end of year lists.

Catch Superfood on tour:

10 Nov: Bristol, Louisiana
11 Nov: London, Dingwalls
12 Nov: Brighton, Haunt

2:54 – The Other I

Released November 10th vie Bella Union

The Thurlow sisters of Hannah and Colette are back with their second studio album as 2:54 (that’s two-fifty-four). Written between the band’s hometown of London and the slightly more romantic setting of Paris, the record should see an almost perfect pairing of the duo’s more grungey elements with soaring choruses and melodramatic, hazy vocals.

Catch 2:54 on tour:

7 Nov: Ramsgate, Music Hall
19 Nov: London, St Pancras Old Church
20 Nov: Sheffield, Harley Hotel & Bar
21 Nov: Glasgow, Broadcast
22 Nov: Manchester, Soup Kitchen
24 Nov: Nottingham, Corner
25 Nov: Bristol, Louisiana
26 Nov: London, Dingwalls

Foo Fighters – Sonic Highways

Release November 10 via Columbia Records

A band that need no introduction, Foo Fighters have established themselves as one of the biggest rock acts in the world over the past few years, and their plans of world domination are set to continue with Sonic Highways, their eighth studio album.

The Sonic Highways referred to in the title are the great many roads that criss-cross America; this album was recorded in eight different cities, each corresponding to a different track. The album also comes with nine different covers. One for each city, and one that encompasses them all. Kerching!

Early reviews have been mixed with some saying the band may have finally reached the mature middle-of-the-road sound that all rock bands dread, but we’ll just have to wait and see to cast our final judgement.

Hookworms – The Hum

Released November 10 via Weird World

Leeds’ psych-oddballs Hookworms produced one of the most critically acclaimed records of last year with debut Pearl Mystic, and they hope to be able to capture that same magic on their second full length.

Sure to divide the audience – though Hookworms defiantly do things for themselves – The Hum will carry the same diverse palette of influences from psych to noise to krautrock. Look out for a hometown album launch party if you’re in the Leeds area on November 19.

Catch Hookworms on these dates:

15 Nov: London, Rough Trade East
19 Nov: Leeds, Brudenell Social Club

Parkay Quarts – Content Nausea

Released November 10th via What’s Your Rupture?

Lackadaisical indie-rockers Parquet Courts seemingly release a new album every year, and have peppered end-of-year album lists for the past three or four years now (they already have a strong chance with this year’s Sunbathing Animal LP). Perhaps that’s why they’ve chosen to go with the skewed spelling of their new Parkay Quarts moniker.

Though the band have labelled this latest release “not an LP” and “not an EP”, but somewhere in the middle of the two formats, it remains to be seen whether this many records in such a short space of time will bring with it a dip in quality.

Catch Parkay Quarts on these dates:

26 Nov: Leeds, Wardrobe
27 Nov: London, Laundry

Fugazi – First Demo

Released November 17 via Dischord Records

This is in fact the ‘oldest’ record on our new albums list. Seminal post-hardcore outfit Fugazi originally recorded a demo tape of ten songs after ten shows back in early 1988. The cassette tapes produced were subsequently handed out for free at gigs in an effort to bolster the word-of-mouth spread of the band. Lost to time and the obsoleteness of the cassette tape, those first demos gradually faded from the public consciousness.

Now, remastered to 21st century sound quality and stamped (or however they do it) to the much more up-to-date formats of CD and mp3, the songs are ready to be heard once again. Only one song from the compilation has ever been formally released before (‘In Defence of Humans’ from 1989’s State of the Union compilation), so this should be a real treat for fans of the band.

Savages and Bo Ningen – Words to the Blind

Released November 17 via Stolen Recordings

What happens when you cross the angsty post-punk of Savages with Japanese psyche-noise loons Bo Ningen? To be honest, we’re a little afraid to find out, but if it’s anything like the band’s powerful music and frenetic live shows, our ears are going to be in for a treat. A terrifying treat perhaps. But a treat nonetheless.

Catch Savages and Bo Ningen live:

19 Nov: London, Oval Space

Pixies – Doolittle 25

Released December 1 via 4AD Records

Again, technically not a new album on our list, but instead one of those reissued expanded editions that are always worth picking up, especially if you were a fan of the original album. This time it’s the turn of Pixies’ Doolittle LP to celebrate its 25th birthday in style, with a compendium of material that is sure to get even the most casual of fans sweating with excitement.

Arriving across a whopping three discs and packed with not just a remastered version of the original album but also demo versions of tracks from the era and a host of John Peel session tracks, Doolittle 25 will provide a perfect excuse (not that one was needed) to go back to one of the cornerstones of alternative music.

Smashing Pumpkins – Monument to an Elegy

Released December 8 via Martha’s Music

Whatever your stance on Smashing Pumpkins and the ever irreverent actions of frontman Billy Corgan these days, there’s no denying that a new album from one of the founding fathers of alternative rock is something to get excited about.

Whether it encapsulates the warm, fuzzy grunge of their early albums or veers dangerously towards the self-endulgent prog of latter releases will only be answered upon release, but for now let’s hope it’s more the former.

Sleater-Kinney – No Cities to Love

Released January 19 via Sub Pop

When Sleater-Kinney released a career-spanning boxset in mid-October, it came with an extra piece of vinyl that was devoid of any information other than the date 1/20/15. The song on that piece of vinyl was unfamiliar to many fans, and many tried to make sense of this mysterious piece of music. Was it a forgotten demo or b-side?

Their questions were soon answered when it was announced shortly after that Sleater-Kinney had reformed, and the date pointed to the release of their new album No Cities to Love. The track – titled ‘Bury Our Friends’ – was taken from that album, and the internet went wild. Now, we just play the waiting game.

Shinies – Nothing Like Something Happens Anywhere

Released February 2 via Dirty Bingo

The Manchester band are so indebted to the ’90s indie-rock sound, they’ve opted for an album title so mind-bendingly cryptic you feel slightly spaced out before you even get to their My Bloody Valentine-esque guitar washes. This debut has been a number of years in the making, so expect a wide range of tour dates in support of the record to be announced too. We could be talking about these guys a lot more in 2015.

Idlewild – Everything Ever Written

Released February 9 via PledgeMusic

Scottish indie-rockers Idlewild announced their seventh studio album (and their first in six years) on the Steve Lamacq 6 Music show a few weeks ago, debuting new track ‘Collect Yourself’ in the process. We couldn’t be more excited for their return, having penned some real classics over the years, from the punk thrash of ‘Everyone Says You’re So Fragile’ to the stately rock sound of later hits like ‘You Held The World In Your Arms’.

To hear ‘Collect Yourself’ you have to pre-order the new album from the band’s PledgeMusic page (which can be found HERE). Amazingly, it hasn’t leaked on to the internet in any other capacity (we’re not sure how), so for now enjoy this album trailer, which hints at a noisy comeback.

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