5 of the craziest food challenges in Leeds
Shooters 2

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s Leeds vs Food.

From sky-high burgers to red hot wings via food from a dustbin lid, they’re all available around Leeds, you just need to be stupid enough to take them on.

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Tiger Tiger

Man vs Tiger

Gulp down 1.2 lbs of beef, large fries, double onion rings, coleslaw, and a large coke float. Still peckish? Have a brownie for dessert. Then, and only then, will you have completed the infamous Man vs Tiger challenge. It costs £19.95 to take on the Tiger, and should you defy the odds and claim victory, you’ll get a t-shirt and a whole load of kudos as reward.

Tiger Tiger, The Light, 117 Albion St, LS2 8DY, 0113 236 6999 – more info

Reds True Barbecue

A large part of Reds’ world round appeal is excess, so it’s no surprise they’re included in this list. Sure, they’ve got XL Ribs, the £50 Tomohawk Steak and the intimidating BBQ Feast, but for a really nasty eating interrogation you’ll have to call ahead. The ‘Devil Wing Challenge’ requires careful preparation by their sick and twisted hot sauce chefs, and should you be foolish enough to try it, you’ll have three minutes to eat the six hottest chicken wings imaginable. Seriously though, call ahead, it’s not on the menu.

Reds True Barbecue, 1 Cloth Hall St, LS1 2HD, 0113 834 5834 – more info



There are three toe-curling ‘Man v Food’ challenges on offer at Shooters, none of them for the feint-hearted. The Skyscraper is up first, a monstrous mountain of meat comprising of all four of their ordinary burgers and every single one of their tempting toppings. Second comes The Nacho Tank (pictured), a Mexican trifle if you will, where the nachos don’t come lonely, smothered with guacamole, sour cream, salsa, sour cream and jalapenos. Plus, it comes in an actual tank (fish style not military). Last but not least are The Wings of Fire – 15 lip-melting hot wings in 15 minutes. Again, you’ve got to book ahead.

Shooters, 123 The Headrow, LS1 5RD, 0845 533 3000 – more info

Cattle Grid

Oh yes. Cattle Grid is very much a carnivorous haven, with a menu full to the brim with meaty feasts worth the attention of any hungry Loiner. A genuine challenge comes in the form of a Monday evening ‘All You Can Eat’ style carnival of ribs and wings. Oh, and chips, but the wise man wouldn’t go too hard on them. It will set you back £20, but serves for a steady evening out with a handful of like-minded pigs.

Cattle Grid, Waterloo House, Assembly St, LS2 7DE – more info

The Angel Inn (Rothwell)

Any meal served on the lid of a dustbin deserves recognition, and when it comes to substance alongside style, the Angel Inn’s Trash Can Challenge stands up to scrutiny. There’s meat in spades, with a double beef, cheese and bacon burger, a full rack of BBQ ribs, a beef chilli sundae and a chicken skewer. All meated out? No problem – wash it down with onion rings, two corn on the cob, smokey BBQ baked beans, chips and some garden peas. The burger alone would finish many a man – it’s ridiculous.

The Angel Inn, 55 Wakefield Road, Rothwell, LS26 0SF – more info

Featured image courtesy of Shooters.