5 of the craziest food challenges in Newcastle

Are you a Geordie who’s tired of eating regular sized portions? Is the choice between small, medium and large just too containing for your massive appetite?

Then step up to the plate (literally) with the biggest and best food challenges available in Newcastle.

Belly Buster Challenge at Zapatista

Known in some circles as the molten train of death (it’s not really, but it should be) The Belly Buster Burrito Challenge is one tough burrito. Approximately the size of a snake, and just as deadly – this burrito has taken down more contenders than Pancho Villa on a rent day. If you can somehow handle the heat and the sheer mass of this three-burrito-long burrito in under 10 minutes, then you will be heralded with a t-shirt and three gift vouchers to use at the restaurant. I think it’s likely you’ll be using them to get some tacos next time.

That’s a wrap, folks.

Burger Challenge at Fat Underground

Fancy yourself as the Usain Bolt of of eating? Then you should head down to Fat Underground to try the burger challenge, which requires a strong stomach, quick hands and the fastest jaws on the Tyne. In the allotted 10 minute period given, you have to munch your way through a four patty burger, onion rings, chips – all guzzled down with a thick creamy milkshake. You’ll be wanting a comfy bed – not a medal – after this culinary sprint.

Man v Burger V.Stack Challenge at Village Hotel

Bizarrely enough, Man v Food is becoming as much of a culinary household name as Gordon Ramsey, James Martin and Vesta. And now it seems like nearly every steakhouse or burger bar is wanting to cash in on its success – offering up super size treats that make you feel like Adam Richman for a few uncomfortable digestion cycles. This familiarly named Man v Burger is a proper all American challenge – stacking up 15 oz of pure beef patties, topped with the house chilli and finished off with the classic American Swiss – this burger ain’t for the casual eater. If you manage to polish off this carb-scraper in under 15 minutes you’ll be awarded with a t-shirt and your dinner for free. The lengths some people go to for a freebie…

The Challenge Burger at The Punchbowl

You’ll have to partner up for this stomach trembling challenge at The Punchbowl. This intimidating 32oz burger is surely the biggest in the city – jam packed with enough crispy bacon rashers to reconstruct a pig and topped with two types of cheese and served with a large portion of fries, this is a challenge that is sure to test even the hardiest friendship to the limit. The challenge, which has only been completely by two people (one of which took 566 minutes!), has no time limit, but should be completed in one sitting. Unfortunately there are no prizes on offer for this one, unless you count a coronary angioplasty as fair reward…

Breaking Badass Challenge at Longhorns BBQ

Breaking Bad meets Man v Food, might sound like a match made in Sunday binge-watching heaven, but beware, this meaty platter would break the baddest BBQ mavericks, the kind who think putting a full glazed rib on a bap is taking a risk. This crazy BBQ challenge includes 7lb of Smokehouse BBQ made up with Texas Badass Brisket, Badass Beef Ribs, Memphis smoked hog, Full Rack of Ribs, Smoked Sausage, Wings, Pit Beans, Red Pickle Slaw, Brioche & frie and a mere one hour in which to polish it all off. If you complete it with time to spare then you will be given a t-shirt and your picture on the wall of fame. But this Breakin’ Badass Challenge is more likely to break you like a bitch – leaving you with a serious case of the Walter Whites.