Meet our Cardiff expert: Amy Pay
Amy Pay

WOW247’s City Editor Amy Pay explains why she always comes home to Cardiff, how she’d spend a day in the city and what’s on her iPod

Hi! My name is Amy. I was born in Cardiff, grew up 30 minutes away from Cardiff and now, after studying at Cardiff University, I live and work here a freelance journalist.

The repetition of Cardiff in this intro may make me sound like a hermit, but I’ve travelled a lot across the UK, Europe and beyond – it’s just that I always return to Cardiff because it has everything I love: friendly people, active communities, great live music and an ever-changing culture scene.

What Cardiff means to me

Cardiff feels like home! When you get to know Cardiff, you realise that it feels rather big for a relatively small city; there is so much to see and do besides the tourist traps.

I like how there’s always a shop, restaurant, bar, activity or event to suit your tastes. What’s more, it has the perks of a capital city while having beautiful coastal paths, vast fields and beaches on its doorstep.

My perfect 24 hours in Cardiff

I’d start off with breakfast at Wyndham Tea for some doorstep toast and a pot of vanilla Assam. Then I’d stretch my legs with a walk to Roath via Bute Park, passing all the pretty flower beds and having a quick clamber on the adventure trail (I’m still a child at heart).

At the City Road/ Albany Road cluster, I’d go hunting for bargain clothes, records and computer games in the discount and second hand shops, restock my spice cupboard with supplies from Spice of Life and check out fun art prints at SHO Gallery.

Being so close to Penylan Pantry, I would have to pop in for a yummy lunch board and one of their salted chocolate brownies (the best in the world). After, I’d hit The Bottle Shop on Pen-Y-Lan Road to say hello to their cute dog and buy a bottle of top rum (probably Kraken) and a few local craft beers for fun times to come. After all that, I’d hire a Pashley bike from Cardiff Cycle Tours and ride to Chapter to catch an independent film.

Then I’d come back into town for pizza at Cafe Citta with friends, have a few drinks down Womanby Street then land in Clwb Ifor Bach, where I’d stay until early morning.

Favourite band: I can’t pick one without feeling disloyal! I’ll say anything with Conor Oberst’s involvement, Brand New, Arcade Fire and anything circa 2002 emo (early Finch, Taking Back Sunday etc).

Favourite film: I’ve narrowed it down to this diverse lot: Trainspotting, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Orphan, Moonrise Kingdom, Fight Club, Dude, Where’s My Car? and Juno.

Favourite food: I like really tasty food that’s also good for you, like a Café Pure salad that’s packed with veg. Dotted between healthy eating, I like wood-fired pizza, bean curd in black bean sauce, Rainbow Drops and any rich vegan chocolate (not all together, though).

Favourite book: Murphy by Samuel Beckett. Once you get your head around Beckett’s way with words and spaces, it’s brilliant.

Favourite place in Cardiff: Roath Park in the summer – perfect for proper picnics, feeding the ducks, strolling around the immaculate green spaces beside the river and watching dogs enjoy the sun.

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