8 animals who are way more successful than you
Jamon The Pig

This technologically advanced era we live in has enabled us to gaze into the luxurious lives of celebs from all over the world. It can be a little disheartening comparing your life with the lifestyles of the rich and famous though – especially when certain creatures from the animal kingdom are among them.

We’ve assembled a list of hailed insta-animals who are doing it better than you.

Lil Bub

Lil Bub is a famous cat who has achieved the American dream in just 4 years. Born in 2011, Bub was the runt of the litter. This caused her to have numerous health problems such as no teeth and a damaged jaw which explains her peculiar (but cute!) appearance. Bub hasn’t let these health aliments get her down, and in true underdog (undercat?) fashion she has risen to star in her own documentary Lil Bub & Friends, and even has her own book. Bub also has a website selling merchandise dedicated to her and showing dates of her available meet and greets. Needless to say, she’s got quite the schedule.


Instagram Followers: 766K

Twitter Followers: 55.4K

Grumpy Cat

This cross little moggy goes by the name Tardar Sauce, but became an internet sensation over a picture that went viral a few years ago. Now this kitty has an extensive amount of fans and huge variety of different products available to buy with her grumpy face on. Oh, and a film called ‘Grumpy Cat’s Worst Ever Christmas.’ This prosperous cat has made a career out of looking disgruntled.


Instagram Followers: 702K

Twitter Followers: 286K

Biddy the Hedgehog

It might be soul destroying to know that this adorable hedgehog (Yes, a hedgehog!!) is likely to be better travelled than you. For those of us who can’t afford to go on holiday, Biddy’s owner provided us with the experience through pictures of the little spikey guy all over America. Buddy has visited places we can only dream of such as the Painted Hills in Oregon and Elowah Falls in Portland. Who wouldn’t be jealous? However, Biddy’s life was cut short this March as he sadly passed away from cancer. At least he lived an exciting life, and he will doubtlessly go down in hedgehog history.


Instagram followers: 651K

Twitter followers: 772

Tuna the Dog

You might laugh at this strange looking ‘Chiweenie’ (Chihuahua mixed with Dachshund), but he has definitely got more to laugh about than you. Tuna has a whopping 1.3million followers on Instagram, and has been described as the most inspiring dog on the internet. Renowned for his pronounced overbite that makes him look unusually like Mr.Burns from The Simpsons, Tuna’s fame has spurred on the creation of a line of merchandise devoted to him and he has an exciting new book coming out that will hit the UK in June. Impressive to say the least!


Instagram followers: 1.3m

Twitter followers: 2,503

Marnie the Dog

This 12 year Shih Tzu deserves to bask in her new found fame and fortune. Marnie is hit on the internet with comedic videos of her going viral walking around shops with her signature head tilt and excessively long tongue lolling around . This pooch was found by animal control at around the age of ten, abandoned and neglected. They took her in and named her Stinky until her new owner came to the rescue and lit up Marnie’s life. Marnie really did start from the bottom – and she’s made it to the top.


Instagram followers: 1.4m

Twitter followers: 97.1k

Vine followers: 718K

Bubu the Chinchilla

It’s fair to say that Bubu could be the most sophisticated Chinchilla that has ever lived – and even more sophisticated than the majority of the human race. This Singaporean fluff ball has blown up on social media with snaps of her drinking cocktails, driving cars and surrounded by chinchilla sized furniture. Bubo hosts her own tea parties, has a number rodent sized instruments and a collection of mini vehicles. Nice.

Instagram: @Cute_Bubu

Instagram followers: 168k

Doug the Pug

We couldn’t mention successful pets without a pug being thrown into the mix. This charming little baller’s twitter boasts of him featuring on Good Morning America, Buzzfeed and more. Doug’s pictures of him relaxing in the sunshine in various cities on Instagram reach thousands upon thousands of likes every day. It’s more than likely that your wardrobe is inferior to this pug’s, and he regularly shows off his trendy attire via his YouTube channel.

Instagram followers: 273k

Twitter followers: 13.2k

Jamon the Mini Pig

Jamon The Pig

This Brazilian micro pig has become an Instagram legend. Jamon started to collect a large following of fans after his owner began to upload pictures of him in fun fancy dress costumes. When he’s not snoozing, this porker seems to be out and about with his owner, living his life to the full. Now his pictures get thousands of likes and this little piggy is living the high life. Aww.

Instagram Followers: 58.6K