25 new bands you need to hear
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In some ways, music fans have never had it so good. The whole recorded history of every conceivable artist is only a few clicks away, and bands don’t have to be signed to major labels to launch their recordings upon our eardrums.

Yet the symptom of all this choice is a hefty amount of FOMO – what if you missed out on that amazing new band because you weren’t on SoundCloud on Tuesday morning?

With your sanity in mind, we’ve gone back through our new music section to present you with no fewer than 25 new and emerging acts that we think are definitely deserving of your precious time.

Disclaimer: some of these are obviously solo acts rather than bands – please don’t call the pedantry hotline on us…

The Bohicas

the bohicas

In a nutshell: “The kind of shit Marv from Sin City would listen to.” (their words)

We said: “The four-piece, who hail from the unglamourous corner of the South East where London bleeds into Essex, inject the endlessly evolving rock’n’roll genre with a shot of post-punk urgency.”

Hear more: SoundCloud

Miaoux Miaoux

miaoux miaoux

In a nutshell: Fantastic synth-mongery with a retro twist from a Glaswegian bedroom producer

We said: “Miaoux Miaoux’s latest album School of Velocity is set for release on June 1, and if the debut single ‘It’s The Quick‘ is anything to go by, it’s a direct shot of big synths, hooky melodies and plenty of energy.”

Hear more: SoundCloud


FFS supergroup

In a nutshell: What you get when you combine the forces of art-school indie (Franz Ferdinand) and glam electro (Sparks)

We said: “The song flies in the face of its own statement, mixing the distinctive sounds of both bands into a track that wouldn’t sound out of place in a rock-opera stage show. Can we have that next, FFS?”

Hear more: www.ffsmusic.com



In a nutshell: Ridiculously funky electro-pop from a rising Las Vegas talent

We said: “As he spends the last five minutes of his set hugging every member of the audience, it’s evident that Shamir is a unique performer and an emerging, beguiling new talent worth watching.”

Hear more: SoundCloud

Kill The Waves

Kill the Waves

In a nutshell: Ambitious, driven rock that adds synth and strings to the usual indie palette

We said: “Still relatively early in their development, Kill The Waves revel in the freedom provided to them by the instruments in their hands. With the evident potential and range of talent oozing out of debut album The One That Could Have Been, the musical territory lying in front of them is limitless.”

Hear more: SoundCloud

Bear’s Den

In a nutshell: London trio Bear’s Den are a fast-rising indie-folk band who seem destined for big things

We said: “While their pastoral-toned, acoustic-led sound could draw comparisons to the likes of Frightened Rabbit and Bon Iver, it also verges into the hypnotic, crescendo-building indie-rock territory of bands like The National.”

Hear more: SoundCloud



In a nutshell: Roxy Music meets Orange Juice in a heady cocktail of slinky pop

We said: “Drawing on artists like Bowie, Franz Ferdinand and LCD Soundsystem, the track displays nods to glam-rock, synth-pop and disco, with jaggy guitar riffs guaranteed to get your feet tapping. White are vibrant indie-pop at its best.”

Hear more: www.calledwhite.com

Ben Khan

ben khan

In a nutshell: Despite trying to keep a low profile, this kaleidoscopic pop talent won’t stay on the QT for long

We said: “Khan’s voice is a strange brew of lilting, sugary sweetness with a soulful edge, rising airily above guitar-heavy tracks like ‘Zenith’ to bring a softer feel to the stabbing darkness of the synth and strings”

Hear more: SoundCloud

The Districts

The Districts

In a nutshell: Blues-inspired indie rock from small-town Pennsylvannia

We said: “After being signed to Fat Possum Records in 2013 and catching the eye of the music media at SXSW last year, the band were swiftly propelled out of the small-town and into the spotlight.”

Hear more: thedistrictsband.com

C Duncan

C Duncan

In a nutshell: Dream-pop artist with classical influences that’s picking up serious attention

We said: “His first album Architect is due for release by FatCat Records in July and lead single ‘Here to There’ sounds like a gentle meeting between The Cocteau Twins and R. Stevie Moore.”

Hear more: SoundCloud



In a nutshell: Seemingly aggressive punk two-piece with a wry smile and a sense of humour

We said: “Slaves are really really good – particularly in the live setting where their thrashing punk paeans take on a more tongue-in-cheek nature.”

Hear more: youareallslaves.com

Tijuana Bibles

In a nutshell: Calling them Glasgow’s answer to Queens of the Stone Age is doing them a disservice

We said: “The four-piece, often seen looking resplendent in mirror shades and slicked back hair, have perfected a swamp blues rock sound that satisfies and occasionally terrifies with its intensity. They’re not afraid to raise the volume, while frontman Tony Costello is a captivating on-stage presence.”

Hear more: SoundCloud

Menace Beach

In a nutshell: Indie-pop from Leeds

We said: “Debut album Ratworld dropped at the end of January and saw the band launch straight into their first ever headline tour, from which the only way is up for Menace Beach”

Hear more: www.menacebeach.co.uk

Neon Waltz

Neon Waltz

In a nutshell: Accomplished indie rock from the far north of Scotland

We said: “Recently signed to heavyweight label Atlantic Records, and co-managed by the man who made Oasis famous, this group have some serious backing, an incredible achievement given they formed a little over a year ago. The reason? Just listen to the stunning collection of demos and live takes contained in their recent debut EP, First Light.

Hear more: SoundCloud

Girl Band

In a nutshell: Inventive post-punk band from Dublin with a noisy approach to playing their instruments

We said: “Expect your ideas of what an electric guitar sounds like to be rewritten, as pounding krautrock rhythms explode into noise with little to no warning. Catch them live too if you can. You won’t regret it.”

Hear more: Bandcamp

Jonnie Common

Jonnie Common

In a nutshell: Impossible to fit in a nutshell, never mind a shell of normal proportions

We said: “After playing three separate album launch gigs across Scotland in as many days (with an injured drummer in tow), Jonnie Common has now gratefully seen the back of what sounds like the most stressful week of his life. Rather than taking a well-earned rest, though, the electro-pop wizard has already made a start on a follow-up to second album Trapped In Amber (out now).”

Hear more: SoundCloud


In a nutshell: New Zealanders who trade in indie/psyche/math/noise. Well, a bit of everything really.

We said: “Popstrangers are two albums deep into their career, but are yet to really break through to any major exposure, at least in this country. Those two albums (2013’s Antipodes and this year’s Fortuna) have featured highly on end of year lists though, and as they both trace a rich path of musical influence, it’s easy to see why.”

Hear more: popstrangers.com


In a nutshell: Grungey/shoegazey/pop-punky types who put on an incredible live show.

We said: “Their music blends genres in such a way that is likely to appeal to a wide fanbase; sure there’s plenty of pop-punk melodies in places, but they’re usually coupled with grungey riffs or psyche-inspired guitar washes to keep genre snobs pleased too.”

Hear more: SoundCloud



In a nutshell: Falsetto-driven pop with roots in London, Glasgow, Brussels and Bordeaux

We said: “With their un-Googleable bandname and the fact that they’re based between four countries, Babe don’t exactly make it easy for themselves. But with a new EP in the offing – the follow-up to last year’s debut album Volery Flighty – the inventive electro-pop quartet haven’t let that slow them down.”

Hear more: babeband.co.uk

All We Are

In a nutshell: Cooing psyche-rock from Merseyside

We said: “Expect all the falsetto harmonies of the brothers Gibb, coupled with the band’s trademark “psychedelic boogie”. 2015 looks set to be a big year for them as they look to stand above the crowd of Liverpool’s bustling musical scene.”

Hear more: SoundCloud

Sacred Paws

In a nutshell: Girl duo from opposite ends of the UK that mix High-Life and post-punk influences

We said: “Rachel Aggs and Eilidh Rodgers previously plied their trade as part of hazy indie rabble Golden Grrrls – but this new incarnation feels far more stripped down, focused and frenetic. The melodies are intricate and hooky, but there’s still some of the unreserved joy of live music piercing through – the idea that each song could go anywhere and one half of the group has to convey this to other, purely through kinetic energy.”

Hear more: Bandcamp


In a nutshell: Lackadaisically skewed post-punk from Montreal

We said: “Our first exposure to Ought was the seven-minute New Calm Pt.2, which sees frontman Tim Beeler seemingly improvising brief passages of lyrics and singing the chorus to himself over an unrelenting krautrock backbeat. It took us a few listens to get our heads completely around it, but once we did, we quickly applauded it as one of the best tracks of the past twelve months.”

Hear more: Bandcamp

Miracle Strip

miracle strip

In a nutshell: Tropical synth-pop from Glasgow-based brothers

We said: “The duo have a lot to currently celebrate, having been selected from over 2,000 unsigned acts to win the chance to play at Dorset’s End Of The Road Festival in September, and the release of their debut album, via their own Simply Thrilled records.”

Hear more: miracle-strip.co.uk


In a nutshell: Meursault frontman Neil Pennycook goes solo

We said: “Pennycook’s inexplicably powerful voice may well be the eighth wonder of the world, and it has to be heard in person to be believed. Many of his lyrics will cut you to the bone with their honesty, and his impressive skill as both an acoustic and electric musician ensures that no live show of his will ever be boring or predictable.”

Hear more: SoundCloud

Tuff Love

In a nutshell: Scuzzy DIY guitar pop doesn’t get much better than this

We said: “Glasgow duo Tuff Love keep things admirably short and simple on their new single ‘That’s Right’, taken from their forthcoming Dross EP. With lyrics based on the instructions to a box of pain killers, it’s a medicinal shot of guitar-pop energy, and proof that you don’t even need to leave your bedroom to be a pop star these days.”

Hear more: SoundCloud

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