I’m sick of complaining about remakes and reboots
Poltergeist remake

This morning, I was about to write an angry blog about the new trailer for the horrendous-looking ‘Vacation’ reboot. Then I found myself overwhelmed by a sense of resigned weariness.

It seems as if every week Hollywood announces a new remake or reboot of a beloved cinematic classic, and it seems as if every week I’m complaining about the never-ending trend.

Search for ‘remakes’ on this site and you’ll find a whopping 458 articles on the subject (it’s 287 for reboots, by the way).

This is both indicative of the ongoing thirst that the movie studios have for re-purposing every goddamn thing they’ve ever created, and the thirst me and my fellow writers clearly have for railing against it.

Last month’s release of the new Poltergeist prompted me to write a piece on the worst horror remakes of all time. The first trailer for the Point Break remake had us frothing at the mouth with indignation.

I’ve previously written about the reasons why most remakes and reboots fail so miserably, and picked out a dozen remakes (from a possible selection much greater than that number) that were so instantly forgettable you’ll probably be surprised that they even exist.

The cycle is clear: ‘re-imagining’ gets announced; we all complain about it; trailer gets released; we complain again; movie gets released, gets panned, but makes its money; Hollywood announces more.

Not all of these regurgitative releases are absolutely terrible of course. But even the half-decent ones tend to be pointless re-treads that simply serve up key moments from the original (with less flair, I might add) while adding little of note to the mix.

So now, I’m beginning to wonder whether we should give these movies the benefit of publicity at all. Maybe it’s better to starve them of oxygen altogether, and hope they suffocate in a blank vacuum of indifference rather than thrive on an injection of fury from the internet’s keyboard warriors. Myself included.

At this moment, when I consider that the memory of comedy classic National Lampoon’s Vacation is likely to be only the latest iconic film tarnished by a brainless, lowest-common denominator reboot, my natural inclination is to simply pretend it does not exist.

If you haven’t seen the trailer for Vacation yet by the way, here it is:

Feel free to draw your own conclusions…