German filmmaker Uwe Boll’s YouTube meltdown goes viral
uwe boll

You’d generally be forgiven if you have no idea who Uwe Boll is.

Unless you’re the sort who takes a near masochistic pleasure in watching those ‘so bad, they’re good’ type films, then you’ll most likely have never heard of him.

But maybe you will after today, as Uwe has only gone and become the internet’s oddball fascination of the moment.

In a dummy-spitting rant, Uwe took to YouTube to tell his fans to go “fuck yourself, and your mothers”.

Check out the expletive laden outburst below. If you’re at work I’d advise to get a pair of headphones – needless to say its audio is NSFW.

This breakdown is the result of his latest killing spree genre film Rampage 3: No Mercy failing to reach the $55,000 Kickstarter fund required to distribute it.

In the video he further states that the staff at Kickstarter had manipulated him into believing this target was achievable in a month.

This isn’t the first time the German filmmaker has caused a bit of a stir on the internet. In 2006 he gained a level of notoriety by challenging film critics and fellow filmmakers to fight him in a ring after another of his films was critically panned, gaining him the spectacular nickname – the Raging Boll.

It seems unlikely that Uwe will be using crowdfunding sites any time soon, declaring them “absolutely dead”.

Rampage 3: No Mercy is probably not coming to a cinema near you any time soon.

On the bright side, at least Boll has “enough money to play golf until he’s dead”.