6 terrifying short horror films you can watch for free right now
The Gate

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One of the quietly brilliant things about the internet is the way in which some of cinema’s most creative up-and-coming talents can showcase their ability in the form of eye-catching, free to watch shorts – and no genre is better served online than horror.

We previously featured eight phenomenal short horror movies on the site last year, but it seems this was just the tip of the iceberg.

Here are six more gripping tales of terror that you can check out online right now.


Starring veteran movie actor Julian Glover as a mild-mannered house guest who purports to know some highly unusual magic, Daniel Zimbler’s unsettling award-winning adaptation of an Edwardian chiller packs an immense amount of haunting intrigue into its twelve minutes.

Goaded by an obnoxious Best Man into entertaining an eager wedding party with his mysterious ‘parlour trick’, the uncanny result of the guest’s murmurings is something that plays on the mind and induces feelings of unease long after the credits roll.

There Are Monsters

Jay Dahl builds a real sense of surreal tension in seemingly ordinary surroundings, as a semi-rural home and local grocery shop become the background to a series of skin-crawling encounters.

The jump scares will likely divide opinion, but where Dahl really succeeds is in those moments of deeply eerie, weird offbeat paranoia – reminiscent of David Lynch – which somehow transform relatable circumstances into something truly nightmarish.

The Outer Darkness

Supremely atmospheric and well made, the first in a new series from the very talented Bloody Cuts team manages to expertly blend grand, outlandish and theatrical trappings with gripping, ominous suspense, in a Clive Barker esque tale of a supernatural gambling game with the ultimate stakes.

You may be able to guess where things are going early on, but the demonic gamemaster is genuinely unnerving, and the ending will leave you wanting more.

One Last Dive

Jason Eisener, the director of brilliant schlock spoof Hobo With A Shotgun and the panic-inducing alien abduction portion of V/H/S 2, achieves an awful lot in the space of just a minute here.

Moody, compelling, claustrophobic, and unfolding from an immersive first-person viewpoint, the protagonist’s night-time descent into grimy watery depths is one deep dark breath of anticipation – before the frightening pay-off hits.

Tea Time

Taking place in as domestic a setting as it’s possible to get, Tea Time is a tale of tragic terror that evokes themes and feelings of tangible madness – all as a doddery old woman simply makes a pot of tea.

With its calm yet melancholy piano music, grainy Super 8 aesthetic and one particularly startling creative tactic that will have you lurching in your seat, Erik Deutschman’s clever, creepy little film expertly builds anxiety and horror within the most innocuous of circumstances.

The Gate

Armed with phenomenal monster design and some impressive CG effects, this engaging and quite original creature feature revolves around a political inquiry into the horrifying effects of a particular unregulated drug – while occasionally cutting away to the ghastly events being discussed.

Fans of The Thing and other twisted mutant flicks will appreciate some disturbing flashes and reveals; with the dry, silent backdrop of the ministry meeting lending the monster moments extra bite.