6 of the funniest moments from US Late Night TV
jimmy fallon

Chats shows here in the UK are generally limited to one per week but in the US, they’re a different beast altogether – a nightly, hilarious chat beast.

Here are six of the funniest and best videos from the other side of the pond.

Jimmy Fallon – ‘Emma Stone Lip Sync Battle’

Created by Stephen Merchant, John Krasinski and Emily Blunt, the lip-sync battles are by far one of the best known segments of Jimmy Fallon’s talk show. Past battles have taken place with the likes of Paul Rudd and Will Ferrell, but this one featuring Emma Stone is the most viewed, and also what we consider to be the best one yet. Such a popular segment that it even had a TV show created for it, consisting purely of lip sync battles.

Seth Meyers – ‘Jon Snow Dinner Party’

Warning: major Game of Thrones spoilers in this clip!

Following The Tonight Show on NBC, former Saturday Night Live head writer and performer Seth Meyers hosts Late Night. As well as featuring great interviews, the show features original sketches whipped up by Seth and his writers. By far the most popular of these has Kit Harington’s Jon Snow, the character from Game of Thrones, joining Seth for a dinner party – a clip you can enjoy even if you’ve never seen the hit show (this particular writer has never seen Games of Thrones and enjoyed it, so that’s the research that confirms it.)

Conan O’Brien – ‘Ice Cube, Kevin Hart and Conan Share a Lyft Car’

Unlike some other chat show hosts, Conan O’Brien is never afraid to leave the comfort of his studio and interact with people in ever more interesting, and different surroundings. He’s been to a naked sauna with Steven Yeun from The Walking Dead, joined (and met up with a match on) Tinder with actor Dave Franco, and one of the segments from his old show even featured him visiting an apple orchard with Mr T. There are many examples, all of them hilarious. This clip features Conan taking a Lyft ride (an app for your phone where you can get a ride from registered Lyft drivers) with Ice Cube and Kevin Hart – also the most watched on the channel’s YouTube page.

James Corden – ‘Tom Hanks Acts Out His Filmography’

The latest addition to the late night landscape is British comedian and actor James Corden. His Late Late Show has only been on the air since the end of March, but it’s already racked up an impressive amount of hits – 23 videos have already passed the million views mark. James has also managed to experiment with the form of late night, and after just a few episodes on air he hosted an entire show in a stranger’s house, bringing his guests Jeff Goldblum and Beck along with him. This clip from the show’s premiere features Tom Hanks and James acting out all of Tom’s past film roles

Stephen Colbert – ‘The Colbeard’

Taking over from David Letterman on the Late Show is no mean feat, but if anyone’s capable, it’s Stephen Colbert. His show doesn’t debut until September 8, but some videos have already been released in the run-up – this one in particular features Stephen having a bit of fun with his beard.

Jimmy Kimmel – ‘Celebrities Read Mean Tweets’

Over the years on his show, Jimmy Kimmel has had a nice-off with Ellen DeGeneres, let us know that he’s having sex with Ben Affleck, and got Benedict Cumberbatch to read the lyrics to an R. Kelly song. But by far his show’s most popular segment is ‘Mean Tweets’ – in which celebrity guests read out some of the mean things that have been written about them online. One edition even had President Obama himself reading out the nasty Twitter updates that’d been written about him. This was the very first visit in to the ‘Mean Tweets’ world.