10 things you won’t know about Jesmond unless you’ve lived there
Jesmond Metro

Situated close to Newcastle city centre, the suburb of Jesmond is much loved by a variety of different people, from students to the elderly.

We’ve formed a list of a number of things that you’ll only find out about Jesmond once you’ve lived there for a while.

1. Not everyone in this place is a student

Yes, it is a known fact Jesmond is inhabited by students during term time but there has been sightings of residents who actually live in the area who aren’t students. We understand that this might be pretty hard to believe so we’re going to move on…

2. You can easily escape to the Dene

When the hustle and bustle of city life gets on top of you and you need to just get away from it all, you can in a short walk. Jesmond Dene is the home of waterfalls, a river, picnic benches and most importantly, a petting zoo. The Dene is a hidden green haven right on Jesmond’s doorstep and is definitely one of the factors that make Jesmond such a special little suburb.

3. There’s metro madness

Outsiders who happen to be riding through Jesmond might wonder two things: (a) why would you get the Metro when it takes virtually the same time to walk there? And (b) why would you pay that much?! The answer is… well there isn’t an answer. Sometimes it’s just better to be sat on the met next to a friendly local than it is to be dawdling the streets in the typical gloomy weather of Newcastle. Even if a day saver does cost you almost £3!

4. You may never win on happy hour but you’ll still return the next week

Justifying your weekly trip to Ozzy Road by only going when its happy hour so you save money. Even though every resident knows the game is temperamental and you end up spending just the same amount as you would have without pushing a button.

5. You can be overwhelmed daily by the choice of fast food

The residents here are definitely spoilt for choice in the food department. Acorn Road’s selection of food stops is enough to disorientate the best of the suburb’s inhabitants. See here the daily struggle of a Jesmond local: ‘Is one in the mood for a Nudo’s Sushi box or a hot dog from The Little Hippo or a double scoop from Archer Ice cream?!’ After all the extreme decision making, you’ll probably end up settling for a Gregg’s sausage roll or a Tesco meal deal to save yourself the hassle.

6. The journey through Acorn Road can be intense

If you haven’t lived here, calling this short stretch of road an utter nightmare may seem a tad ridiculous. But until you’ve experienced the full stress of being half way down street with two Range Rovers, a Fiat 500 and numerous cyclists all maneuvering in different directions, you can’t comment. Which kind of justifies the council wanting to make this street into a ‘people friendly’ pedestrianized area.

7. Lonsdale Stores is a Sunday saviour

The off licence half way down Lonsdale Terrace definitely saves lives in Jesmond on Sunday afternoons. When the clock strikes four o’clock West Jesmond Tesco shuts and the only place a hangover can be cured within walking distance is Lonsdale Stores.

8. There’s free tea and coffee at Waitrose

This suburb’s inhabitants tackle their Monday morning mood the right way: with caffeine. With a Waitrose card comes a free warm beverage of choice from the Osborne Road shop. These locals know there’s no better way to start your day than with a coffee they don’t even have to pay for.

9. You can stumble across the gold mine that is Rehills of Jesmond

From the outside, Rehills looks like your average corner shop so the chances are, if you’ve passed by you wouldn’t even know what this place was. However, this is not a place to be ignored. Rehills is actually a corner shop with a twist. This treasure cave has a large room devoted to a truly superb selection of beers and wine. Those folk who enjoy a fine beverage every now and then have really got it all in Jesmond.

10. Jesmond knows a good burger

Residents of Jesmond will probably eternally turn their nose up at the average burger now. The Fat Hippo restaurant can be found in the heart of Jesmond. This cosy joint is home to a range of outstanding burgers that only the residents and those who are luckily enough to visit can enjoy.

Main image: Tom Page/ Flickr/ CC

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