10 ways to up your picnic game in Glasgow
Bakery47 Glasgow

We know the glorious Glasgow summertime isn’t always picnic friendly.

And let’s face it, even when the sun is shining, we’re less than inclined to lovingly construct artisan sandwiches before heading for Kelvingrove or Queen’s Park to catch that one day of summer.

So what’s a sun-loving foodie to do? We’ve got you covered.

We’ve done sandwiches we’ve done pig out street food – now we’re after everything else you can think of to dine out alfresco on, from killer sausage rolls to saintly sushi, Middle Eastern delights to good old-fashioned cheddar and crackers.

There are some fantastic grab-and-go eats to be had from Glasgow’s humble delicatessens and refined foodie spots – and we’re here to point you in their direction.

Cherry and Heather

Mini pecan tart lushness from Ibrox's finest food emporium Cherry & Heather #diet #CherryandHeather

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It’s often referred to as a Japanese cafe and takeaway – but Cessnock’s little slice of culinary heaven is so much more. Eating al fresco? Then you’ll need C&H’s still-warm Italian sausage rolls. You could say your picnic depends on it. Add in a gourmet sandwich or two (Indonesian meatball with peanut and chilli sauce or lemongrass chicken will do the trick) and the tastiest potato salad (with an unidentifiable yet oh-so-delicious spicy sauce and crunchy topping) ever and all you need is the sun. Actually, to hell with the weather – you’ve got sunshine on a paper plate.

7 North Gower Street, G51 1PW, 0141 427 0272, cherryandheather.co.uk


We sent you to South Africa via Veldt Deli recently as part of a foodie world tour of Glasgow. Now, we’re telling you to grab a bite of biltong and keep walking. That’s right; no pre-packed honey roast ham for your picnic – you’re going all out with cured meats from the other side of the globe. If you’re packing a barbecue and turning the picnic up a notch then Veldt’s boerewors sausage is crying out to be taken for a walk. And that’s before we get to the imported drinks and condiments, and the sweet treats fresh from Bakery47 (more on that later). We may not have the South African sunshine, Glasgow, but that doesn’t mean we can’t braai with the best of them.

407 Great Western Road, G4 9JA, 0141 237 3352, veldtdeli.co.uk


Celino's Deli Glasgow


Mortadella and salami milano, dolcelatte, plump olives, caprese salad by the weight, hot sandwiches packed with Italian sausage. Did we mention cannoli, just like your imaginary Italian mamma used to make?  That’s right, Dennistoun just became prime picnicking territory. Nothing says ‘it’s summer and I’ll eat outside if I want to’ like a platter of meat and cheeses – so ignore the Glasgow rain and make like you’re in Tuscany.

620- 624 Alexandra Parade, G31 3BT, 0141 554 0523, celinos.com


Middle Eastern delights await on the relatively bustling Bank St – yet Scherezade is often overlooked; one of those places you mean to visit but just haven’t gotten round to. That’s a mistake, because the samosas, the falafel and hummus, the baked aubergine and pistachio-laced pastries are prime takeaway territory. Dining outdoors with foodie pals? Then show them up big style with a tub of tabouleh and scoff at the admittance that they tried it once at Whole Foods – they don’t know tabouleh like you know tabouleh. And you’ve just won the picnic. Competitive, us?

47 Bank St, G12 8NE, 0141 334 2121

Cailins Sushi

Sushi – the ultimate street food. Whether you’re a chopstick master or just slumming it with your fingers, it’s a pretty al fresco-friendly meal – and Finnieston food spot Cailins has your pick of uramaki, hosimaki and onigiri to eat anywhere. Give the salmon temaki – that’s a nori cone stuffed with salmon, avocado and Japanese mayo – a look in and you’ll never be happy with a lukewarm scotch egg ever again…and talk about impressing your fellow picnickers.

1136 Argyle St, G3 8TD, 0141 334 8637, cailinssushi.co.uk

George Mewes

George Mewes cheese
George Mewes Cheese

You can’t be eating outdoors without some kind of cheese – surely there are laws against it? Okay vegans, we hear you – but for the rest of you, there’s no excuse not to hit up George Mewes before heading off with the picnic blanket. This Byres Road deli has one of the best selections in the city (just look at that wall of cheese) and an impressive bread selection to boot. The place isn’t cheap, but if you’re a dairy fiend and proud of it then it’s the original street food – no forks required.

106 Byres Rd, G12 8TB, 0141 334 5900, georgemewescheese.co.uk

Lupe Pintos

Wish I could bottle up the smell of this place #Mexican #LupePintos

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Every meal is made better with guacamole – it’s science. Creamy avocado science. As well as touting imported goods galore, this Mexican deli has a counter full of homemade guac and salsa, sour cream, fresh tortillas… you can see where we’re going here. Who needs sausage rolls when you’ve got chips and dip? Not us. The dried chilli selection might be a step too far for eating outdoors, but we’re always up for a challenge.

313 Great Western Rd, G4 9HR, 0141 334 5444, lupepintos.com

Salt Delicatessen

Salt Deli Glasgow

It hasn’t been open long, but Salt has already made it onto our favourite sandwiches list thanks to its meaty yet delicate pork rolls, its fine dining-concept soft tacos (Arbroath smokies and kumquat salsa come to mind) and a selection of imported meats worthy of all your hard-earned wages. Whether it’s a ready to eat special from the board or an imported and oh-so-fancy condiment from the shelf, this is the place to elevate your al fresco dining experience beyond the usual soggy sarnie. Oh, and Kelvingrove Park is around the corner…just saying.

23 Byres Road, G11 5RD, 0141 258 7272, saltdeli.co.uk

Roots and Fruits

Roots and Fruits Glasgow
Roots and Fruits

Attention meat eaters: Roots and Fruits’ vegetarian sausage rolls will sway you. The Great Western Road deli allows you to sit in and sample its wares – but let’s face it, we’re encouraging you to take to the street (or the park, or a nearby bench – we’re not fussed). Thankfully, there are takeaway options galore, from Spanish tortilla to coffee cake, all begging to make it into your picnic basket. Or, you know, your scrunched up carrier bag – we’re not going to judge you on your al fresco etiquette. Especially if you leave us a bit.

451-457 Great Western Rd, G12 8HH, 0141 339 3077 OR 1137 Argyle St, G3 8ND, 0141 229 0838, rootsfruitsandflowers.com


Oh hi, delicious cake…wanna come for a walk in the park? What’s that? Focaccia and pain au chocolate fancy a jaunt too? Why, the more the merrier. As well as being highly Instagram friendly (hello #foodporn) and hipper than your average ironic beard and swallow tattoo, Bakery47 deals in damn tasty breads and cakes. The southside hub is open for sit in or for takeaway, when the team aren’t busy making tantalising treats for other eateries (Veldt, you just keep getting better) – but since our aim is to take this party outdoors, we say grab a coffee and a Nutella cruffin (you heard us) and keep walking.

76 Victoria Road, G42 7AA, bakery47.com

Main image: Bakery47