5 of the weirdest film appearances by famous pop stars
Justin Timberlake Love Guru

Following the revelation that ’90s boybands N*SYNC and The Backstreet Boys are to star in a zombie Western from the creators of Sharknado, it seems about the right time to recall some of the downright strangest moments that can happen when the movie and music worlds collide.

Dodgy big screen turns from well-known singers are nothing new, but you’d be amazed at some of the jaw-dropping examples out there.

Here are five occasions when rock and pop legends turned up in utterly bizarre cinematic circumstances.

Kylie Minogue in Street Fighter (1994)

Funnily enough, the pint-sized Aussie pop princess failed to convince as a badass military martial arts brawler in this infamously awful video game adaptation. Just think though: someone clearly saw ‘Especially For You’ and thought they’d found the next Bruce Lee.

Cringe-inducing for sure. Watch this scene, and marvel at the cheesy, unconvincing fight moves – and most stilted, awkward dialogue delivery you’ll suffer in a long, long time.

Sting in Dune (1984)

Sporting a ginger punk haircut, a manic boggle-eyed stare and a pair of properly awesome metal underpants, who would have thought that the man who sang ‘Roxanne’ would end up playing villainous space prince Feyd-Rautha in David Lynch’s thoroughly crazy sci-fi epic?

Much like the film as a whole, Sting’s appearance as the murderous fiend is both completely surreal and weirdly entertaining.

Sting in Dune

Billy Ray Cyrus in Sharknado 2 (2014)

Speaking of David Lynch, the country star (and Miley’s Dad) actually turned up in a minor role as a mulleted adulterer in the stupendous Mulholland Drive. But we’re not here to talk about that. Nope – we’re here to talk about his turn as the world’s unlikeliest surgeon in a disaster movie about flying sharks attacking New York.

Tearing himself away from curing his Achy Breaky Heart, here he is attempting to save lives in the deliberately ridiculous Syfy special. In tribute to another, much better shark movie, his character’s name is Quint. Oh, our splitting sides…

Billy Ray Cyrus Sharknado

Justin Timberlake in The Love Guru (2008)

The king of slick, high-pitched pop has proven he’s got some serious acting chops (see The Social Network), but it’s fair to say this comic mis-fire is not one of his finest screen moments.

In the movie that pretty much killed Mike Myers’ career, he plays a French-Canadian lothario whose dodgy perm and tache makes him look more like one of Harry Enfield’s scousers. Behold as he shows off his package in tear-inducingly tight undies – and serenades his girl with Celine Dion.

Kelly Rowland in Freddy Vs Jason (2003)

Is that the Destiny’s Child star dropping homophobic slurs and bitch-talking one of cinema’s most iconic slasher movie villains in this ludicrous, hair-brained horror cross-over?

Yes. Yes it is.