Savages side project Kite Base unveils debut track ‘Dadum’

Savages’ bassist Ayşe Hassan has shared a new track from her side project Kite Base.

‘Dadum’ is the first look at what’s to come from the latest bass-heavy double act on the already saturated scene.

Formed with fellow bassist Kendra Frost of post-punk band Blindness, Kite Base describe themselves simply as ‘Electronics & Bass’.

More minimal and poppy than Savages, ‘Dadum’ combines an industrial, electronic bassline with emotive vocals and its fair share of delicate ‘da da dums’. With shades of early PJ Harvey and Elastica, the dark track is perfect pop with a sinister air.

In a statement, the band explained the meaning of their name:

“One of the main starting points found in origami, a Kite Base is an opening move made with simple folds to generate a firm and fertile foundation for creativity. It can become whatever you want it to be – simple or complex – based on the imagination of the creator, inspiration and chance.”

Whether that means that Kite Base is a momentary project or here to stay remains to be seen. The bass-wielding duo are expected to announce dates soon.

Stay tuned to WOW247 for details.