Deadpool trailer is filled with profanity, gore and explicit similes

Under 18s beware: the Deadpool trailer that dropped just this morning is filled with profanity, gore and explicit similes.

It’s everything fans have wanted since the sarcastic superhero made his slightly disappointing appearance in X-Men: Origins.

And now he’s back with a vengeance – with star Ryan Reynolds even poking fun at his ill-fated Green Lantern outing.

It looks like the studio have noted their previously perfunctory attempt to bring the Marvel comics favourite to life, and altered their stance on him significantly. There’ll be no more shying away from Fox on this one, thank god.

Social media has responded in appropriate fashion.

Nobody can deny that this movie at least looks like it has potential. The tone is bang on and the jokes are well written.

Reynolds is the perfect Deadpool, even if he looks like a prune in the sun. This could be the saving grace of Fox’s terrible superhero-movie reputation, which is suffering lately after weak responses to the Fantastic Four reboot.

It’s quite unnerving to see a man so blasé while shooting people in the head, but when you’re that funny, I suppose we can let it slide.

Personal favourite quote from the trailer? “You look like Freddy Krueger f****d a topographical map of Utah.”

He does, to be fair. Deadpool fans, you have our permission to be excited.