How to enjoy a really bad movie – in 6 simple steps
The Room prequel

Watching a bad movie can be a torturous event. You’re sat there, staring at Adam Sandler gurning on screen and wondering how on earth you let your friend convince you this would be a good idea.

However, some ‘bad’ movies can be an absolute treat to watch. And many films over the years have developed cults around them due to how truly awful they are.

Various collectives around the world, such as the Bristol Bad Film Club, screen these flicks so that cine-lovers can revel in the special awfulness of the likes of Plan 9 From Outer Space, Samurai Cop, Troll 2, The Room and many more.

But if you’re still nervous about wasting 90mins of your life on something that is known to be terrible, here – as part of our Bad Movie Week – are several simple steps courtesy of Bristol Bad Film Club’s Ti Singh, to ensure you get the most of out of it, and to appreciate the sheer majesty of movies that are so-bad-they’re-great.

1. Watch with friends

Watching a bad film by yourself can be horrible, but with friends the entire experience becomes hilarious.

The shared experience of viewing a cinematic trainwreck will bring you closer together, and you all get to point out various things that are going wrong, whether it’s boom mikes in shot or wigs falling off lead actors.

2. Make sure you have alcohol

Game Of Thrones robert

We cannot stress this enough – bad films are made 347% better if you’re drunk.

3. Embrace the horror


You are going to see things you wouldn’t see in regular movies – naked space vampires, kung-fu midgets, Tommy Wiseau’s acting. Just go with it.

4. Get some context


Make sure you have someone with you who has seen the film before, and will be able to guide you through these insane waters.

More often than not they’ll be able to provide some sort of explanation as to what you’re seeing… but probably not.

5. Become obsessed

Tom Cruise

After seeing certain ‘bad’ films for the first time, such as The Room, some people become utterly obsessed – and want answers.

Don’t fight it. It’s a natural reaction. Try and drag some friends down with you (and be sure to check out the ‘How did this get made?’ podcast).

6. Join forces with others

The Room gif

Once you get a taste for the cine-weird, you’ll soon want another hit – most likely in the company of fellow like-minded enthusiasts.

Luckily the Bristol Bad Film Club does monthly screenings of some of the most unique films cinema has to offer.

Watch the trailer for a taste:

For more information on Bristol Bad Film Club, visit their official site or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.