This is every Jason Statham punch in one video
Jason Statham

From The Transporter to Crank, Jason Statham has a reputation for playing the ‘hard man’ in movies. And whatever your view on his acting, you have to admit that he does it pretty well.

Can you remember the last time you saw Statham beat a man half to death with watermelons on his hands? What about the last time you saw him flying double-fist a guy wearing a fancy dress mask into a metal frame? What about the time he beat a guy to death while he was on fire?

Not recalling? Well, no worries. The YouTube account Burger Fiction has compiled every Statham punch ever filmed, for all your cockney slugging needs:

It’s quite weird to see the 264 punches without context, as it makes him look a little bit psychotic; I’m starting to wonder if he enjoys the whole ‘stage fighting’ ordeal. I’m fairly certain there were a few real punches thrown into the mix.

With this kind of punch packing, it’s a mystery as to why Statham hasn’t been in the ring as an opponent of Rocky Balboa. Now that would be a contest.

“Rocky you mug, I’m gunna do you, and I’m gunna do it with fruit on my gloves. Muppet.”