14 must-read books for movie lovers
Film Book Collage

Wwant to immerse yourself in film from the comfort of your own home, even after the DVD collection has been exhausted?

Here, we run down some of the best TV and film books recently released and soon to come…

Jaws 2: The Making of the Hollywood Sequel

By Louis R. Pisano & Michael A. Smith

Jaws 2 book

Directed by cinematic master Steven Spielberg, the original Jaws is often credited with birthing the blockbuster movie phenomenon, and is one of the finest filmic depictions of terror ever. So a sequel NOT directed by Spielberg was always going to be problematic, and while the finished product remains derided for relative tedium, the behind the scenes story is much more exciting, with fallouts and contractual issues galore. It’s these tales that this book hopes to shed more light upon. Out Now

Cocktails of the Movies: An Illustrated Guide to Cinematic Mixology

By Will Francis & Stacey Marsh

Cocktails of the Movies

Have you ever found yourself watching a movie and thinking “I’ll have what she’s having”? Well, now you can! This visual guide features original illustrations and recipes allowing you to recreate your favourite on-screen tipples. Whether you fancy quaffing a White Russian with The Dude or an Aqua Velva with Jake Gyllenhaal (Zodiac), it’s all laid out nice and clearly for you to do so. Just remember to drink responsibly! Out Now

You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost)

By Felicia Day

Felicia Day

Felicia Day is the actress, comedian, and writer who made her name with semi-autobiographical web series The Guild, and went on to become “semi-influential in the world of Internet geeks and Goodreads book clubs.” This autobiographical book charts the life of the self-proclaimed “digital misfit” from her modest upbringing in the American south, before embarking upon lofty ambitions to Hollywood. Out Now

Star Wars: Aftermath

By Chuck Wendig

Star Wars: Aftermath

Once Disney acquired the rights to the Star Wars universe, they set about dismantling a sprawling fan-made library of semi-canonical Star Wars lore. The so called ‘Expanded Universe’ was wiped clean in preparation for the upcoming new films in the saga, and a new, Disney approved timeline was set out. Released in the US on the recent Force Friday, Aftermath is the first book release from the new canon, and charts some of the events between Return of the Jedi and the upcoming The Force Awakens film. Released September 10

The Art of The Good Dinosaur

By John Lasseter & Peter Sohn

The Good Dinosaur Art

Just about every major film release under the sun now comes accompanied by one of these glossy looking art books that brings together original storyboards, concept art, and more. Most are recommendable, but being so expensive, you’re going to have to be picky with what you decide to add to your collection. With the track record that Pixar have, you can be pretty certain that The Good Dinosaur (due for UK release later this year) is going to be pretty visually stunning, and so this will be one you will just have to splash out the cash on. Released October 13

Funny! Twenty-Five Years in the Pixar Story Room

By John Lassetter
The Art of Pixar Book

For those of you who want an even more thorough artistic leaf through the history book of Pixar, you should pick up this title. From Toy Story to Inside Out, it’s all in here, and will no doubt delight readers with beautifully set-out images from the development process of Pixar’s near perfect resumé. Released October 13

Back to the Future: The Ultimate Visual History

By Michael Klastorin & Randal Atamaniuk

Back to the Future Visual Guide

We love Back to the Future here at WOW247, so much so that we dedicated a whole week to it back in July. How we could’ve done with this thorough looking compendium though, which sets out some of the amazing artwork and imagery that came out of the movie-making process of the whole trilogy. Released October 20

The Movie Doctors

By Simon Mayo & Mark Kermode

The Movie Doctors

Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo have been running their radio show commenting on and reviewing film for over ten years now (and, famous for his “Kermodian rants” against unfavourable films, Kermode has already authored a much recommended list of books on film). Now the duo hope to use their varied movie knowledge to prescribe filmic cures for the ailments of everyday life. Insomnia is treated with a dose of The Piano, while they recommend The Big Lebowski as a perfect de-stressing tool. Released October 22

Alien Next Door

By Joey Spiotto

Alien Next Door

Anyone who’s a fan of the Darth Vader and Son series of books (or anyone who is a fan of famous sci-fi franchises receiving an adorable cartoon makeover) should check out Alien Next Door, which imagines a new, caring side to the legendary science fiction through cute hand drawn scenes. Tending to Jonesy the cat, spring cleaning and searching for his place on a cold, alien world (Earth)… all in a day’s work for the Xenomorph. Released November 6

The Walking Dead: The Pop-Up Book

By David Hawcock & Becca Zerkin

Walking Dead Pop Up Book

Fans of AMC’s hit zombie TV show The Walking Dead will be glad to hear that they can now get ever more immersed in the action with this new… pop-up book?! Featuring a warning on the front cover of “graphic scenes of gore and violence”, this is sure to be one of the scariest collections of intricately folded cardboard mechanisms the world has ever seen! Released November 12

Alternative Movie Posters II

By Matthew Chojnacki

Alternative Movie Posters Book

There are plenty of similar books out there that chronicle re-imagined takes on classic movie posters, but this one aims to be definitive, and comes with a point to prove; challenging the formulaic artwork of the current Hollywood marketing machine and harking back to a time when movie imagery was much cleverer and more inventive. Over 100 visual artists have come together for this compendium, re-illustrating classics like Vertigo and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, as well as contemporary hits such as Her and DriveReleased November 15

A Year of Movies: 365 Films to Watch on the Date They Happened

By Ivan Walters

365 days of film

This sounds like a novel idea, and a brilliant way to pick a film to watch if you’re ever struggling for an idea on a Saturday night. This book lists 365 films for each day of the year, organized by the date on which at least one scene in the movie occurs on that date. The example the book’s blurb gives is The Longest Day, a movie about the 1944 Normandy invasion, that of course takes places on June 6. Released November 16

Bond vs. Bond: The Many Faces of 007

By Paul Simpson

Bond vs. Bond

With the release of the 24th entry into the long running Bond series Spectre threatening to fill your local multiplex with snaking queues come October 26, 007 fever is back. This book takes a look at each represenation of the famous spy character through the various book and films that he has appeared in, from Sean Connery’s smooth-talking on-screen original to David Niven’s comedic turn in the original Casino Royale. For those who’d rather compare Bond’s vehicular choices over the actors who played him, there is also an upcoming book on the cars of James BondReleased November 19

Stuntwomen: The Untold Hollywood Story

By Mollie Gregory

Stuntwomen: The Untold Hollywood Story

We all raise a glass to the impressive work of stuntmen throughout the history of Hollywood, but what of the women that dare to take on similarly insane feats? Well, truth be told, there aren’t too many, and this book aims to uncover just how bad the institutionalised sexism of Hollywood studios was for stuntwomen who were often overlooked in favour of men in wigs. Released November 30