Kendrick Lamar posts tribute to Tupac Shakur on 19th anniversary of his death
tupac shakur

Kendrick Lamar has penned a moving tribute to Tupac Shakur, to mark the nineteenth anniversary of the rapper’s death on September 13, 1996.

The Compton hip hop star, who released his critically acclaimed second album To Pimp a Butterfly earlier this year, posted the following message on the official 2Pac website:

“I was 8 yrs old when I first saw you. I couldn’t describe how I felt at that moment. So many different emotions. Full of excitement. Full of joy and eagerness. 20 yrs later I understand exactly what that feeling was.


“The people that you touched on that small intersection changed lives forever. I told myself I wanted to be a voice for man one day. Whoever knew I was speaking out loud for u to listen. Thank you.”

Kendrick Tupac tribute

The official 2Pac Facebook page later confirmed that K.L. was indeed Kendrick Lamar:

“Kendrick Lamar shares his thoughts 19 years after the passing of Tupac. read them on ‪#‎inspired‬”

Lamar also featured a fictional conversation with Shakur on To Pimp a Butterfly, and almost called the record Tu Pimp a Caterpillar, standing for Tu.P.A.C.