18 places guaranteed to make you fall in love with Sheffield
Lyceum Theatre Sheffield

If you’ve yet to fall in love with this steeliest of cities, get ready for everything to change. With scenic park walks and stunning architecture, there’s a whole lot to start stirring those butterflies in your tummy.

The sheer beauty of this fine city is simply indescribable so we decided to show it you instead. Enjoy – we know we will.

1. The Botanical Gardens

Encapsulating a whopping 19 acres of nature, the Botanical Gardens is a fantastic place to start our journey. The gardens date way back to 1836 and are as much a piece of Sheffield’s rich history as anything else. When you venture through the gates of this place, be sure to look for the infamous bear pit and the rose garden too. If romance is on your mind, there’s no better place to spend an afternoon lazing on the grass.

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2. Kelham Island Museum

Kelham Island Museum
Flickr / CC

If you’d like to learn a thing or two about Sheffield’s industrial past, you must take the time to visit Kelham Island Museum. We can’t wait for the ever-exciting Christmas markets here. Every year, the museum hosts a traditional Victorian market, with caroling to boot. If you weren’t counting down the days to Yuletide already, you should be now. Walking around the cobbled streets and looking at gloriously festive trinkets is sure to get you in the mood.

3. Wortley Hall

Wortley Hall is now an uber fancy hotel and golf club, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy it for what it once was. Back in the 18th Century, this stunning building was a stately home. The team hold events there throughout the year, which means you can go check it out in all its glory.

4. Rivelin Valley

Sundays are made for long walks with people you adore. If you happen to have a day to spare, the Rivelin Valley is calling your name. Once you’re on the right path, you will no longer hear the sound of the traffic. It’s hard to believe that this little oasis sits right in the middle of a city. With bubbling streams, this picturesque woodlands is like something out of a romantic novel.

5. Sheffield Cathedral


The cathedral is so much more than a place of worship in this city – it’s one of the most breathtaking sights of the city. Don’t let the Gothic exterior fool you; inside, you’ll find some of the most elegant abstract stained glass you’ll ever set eyes on.

6. The Lyceum

With incredible Edwardian architecture, the Lyceum is a fine example of what makes this city so unforgettable. If you’ve ever been lucky enough to catch a show here, you’ll know that the interior of the building is just as whimsical looking as the outside – if not, more so. Yes, in the heart of the city, this 19th Century building still stands proud; as glamorous as the day it first opened its doors.

7. The Winter Gardens

When the weather drops, there’s still one place where you can enjoy all that the natural world has to offer. The Winter Gardens may be small, but they pack a whole lotta punch. Take a wander through the garden and treat yourself to a hot cup of coffee. We can’t think of a nicer way to spend the day.

8. The Fountains in the Peace Gardens

The Peace Gardens are all too often overlooked, but they needn’t be. In fact, the entire area surrounding them is well worth your attention (and affection). The fountains are my personal highlight since they are so weirdly attractive. When we’re blessed with hot weather, this is an ideal place to catch some rays.

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9. Hagglers Corner

With a lovely little courtyard out back and chic rustic interior, Hagglers Corner is a little gem in Sheffield’s crown. These guys often host quirky events (book readings, live music etc) in the garden, and so it’s worth checking out what’s on. During the day, you can also pop inside for a cup of something hot.

10. Sheffield Arts Tower

Sure, the Arts Tower might be a university building, but there’s no doubt that it’s an integral part of the city. According to English Heritage, it’s “the most elegant university tower block in Britain of its period.” Well, we just so happen to agree with that bold statement.

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11. Norfolk Row

While much of the city  is modern(ish), there are still some quaint little streets that hold a sprinkle of traditional charm. Norfolk Row is one of those streets. Walk down here in the evening, when the street lamps are on, and you will see just what I mean. With old-fashioned cobbles and Victorian style lamps, this area is a taste of what the city once was.

12. Sheffield Railway Station

Sheffield Train Station
Flickr / CC

In my non-expert opinion, there are few railway stations in the UK as pretty as this one. Here in Sheffield, we’ve miraculously managed to avoid the national trend of having a city station that looks like a spaceship. Forget stainless steel and the whitest of walls. No, we’ve kept things simple and it just works, doesn’t it?

13. Crookes Valley Park

Crookesmoor might be a student-centric area of the city, but that doesn’t mean that the rest of us can’t admire all it has to offer. Crookes Valley Park is a scenic area just of the beaten track. Here, you get a chance to truly relax away from the bustling streets of the city. Need some time out? Grab a book and a latte and sit up on the hills here. You won’t regret it.

14. The Diamond

Love it, hate it, live with it. The Diamond has already left the people of the steel city divided. Personally, I love the way this building looks. It’s nice to see something that is truly original and, yes, a little bizarre.

15. Endcliffe Park

This place plays host to many events throughout the year. From fairs to live music, you’re certain to find something you adore here. Head over here when there’s nothing on, though, and you’re still in for a treat. In this park, you can cross some stepping stones, find a secret garden and even play poohsticks. What more could you possibly want, eh?

16. Abbeydale Picture House

Since this 1920s cinema reopened back in 2008, it has become one of the most intriguing attractions in Sheffield. Though the wallpaper’s still peeling, there is something endearing about the old building. Yes, some parts of it may be haunted (try going to the loo by yourself), but that doesn’t detract from the richness of this place. If anything, it adds to it. You can now see screenings of old movies and live gigs at this – the most unique venue in the city.

17. Park Square Bridge


You might be wondering why I’ve included a bridge on a roundabout in this list. Well, the answer is simple. Head down near Pond Forge at night, and you’ll have the greatest photo opportunity of your life. The Park Square Bridge is symbolic of Sheffield and well worth your time.

18.Forge Dam

If you’ve made it to Forge Dam, you’re halfway through the Sheffield Round Walk. If you wish to sit beside the calming water and sip a coffee, you’re in luck. There is a cafe right next to this lovely little attraction. On a summer’s day, this is a perfect place to spend an hour or three.

Main image: Lyceum Theatre /  Flickr / CC

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