12 amazing Bill Murray moments that prove he’s a God among men
Bill Murray Feature

We defy anyone to find a cooler human being than Bill Murray. But we must warn you that that quest is so futile that the result will inevitably be your old-age induced death.

The Hollywood legend turns 65 today, but if his past is anything to go by, time has no chance of slowing Bill Murray down.

The only true celebration of his 65 years on planet Earth would be a round up of all his genius moments, on and off screen; and trust us, there are plenty. We’ve whittled it down to 12 to make it fathomable to us mere mortals.

1. This bachelor party speech

Bill Murray politely refused to give a bachelor party speech while drinking at a hotel bar, or so the story goes, and so the best man returned to his entourage and gave them the disappointing news.

Obviously feeling a little harsh, Murray changed his mind, went upstairs, and gave this speech, which is both funny and heart-felt.

2. Call me Droctor Murray

Bill Murray Ralph Fiennes grand budapest hotel

I suppose a Ghostbuster is sort of like a doctor. One fan tells the story about how he went up to Bill Murray in a bar, and proceeded to tell him how big a fan of his work he was.

Bill just looked at the guy, and said: “Please, call me Doctor Murray” and walked away. To be fair, I’d probably get bored to people telling me how amazing I was if I was as famous as him. Probably not what this fan expected, but it’s a great honour to receive any unique response in that situation.

3. This acceptance speech

That is exactly how to make an entrance. Zombieland won an award at the Scream Awards in 2010, and Murray turned up with his Ghostbusters gear, and characteristic charm.

4. His many karaoke performances, including this one

Bill Murray Karaoke

It started out as a running joke, but Bill Murray is actually a massive fan of karaoke, and regularly jumps on the mic to exercise his pipes.

And do you know what, he’s actually quite good. Here’s a rendition of House of the Rising Sun, that I personally, could listen to all day.

5. This scene from Ed Wood

The subtlety in this scene is great. I don’t know how something so small can be so funny, but he pulls it off.

6. His honest Oscar talk

Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation was nominated for an Oscar, and although Murray didn’t actually win the award, he admits in an interview with CBS that he thought he was going to win it.

Quote: “I really did think. I’d won all the prizes on the way to it. I had some funny things I was going to say. I was ready to go.” I wish I could go back in time and vote for him, just to see that speech live on TV.

7. He partied with tribesmen

Bill Murray tree

Okay, so it’s not exactly a party, but it’s still a good effort. While travelling Bali on a motorcycle, Murray got lost and ended up finding a native village. Not wishing to disappoint, he decided to start dancing and putting on a show, to which the occupants joined him, delighted. True story.

8. This man has no…


Watch the scene here, but I can tell you that it involves ghosts, unpleasant government officials, an unhappy Peter Venkman and the omission of a certain bodily organ. “It’s true sir….”

9. This Q&A response

Bill Murray 1

In a Reddit Q&A, one user asked Bill what it was like to be so awesome. To be honest, I have been wondering that myself for quite a while.

His response was great: “Well, nothing prepared me for being this awesome. It’s kind of a shock. It’s kind of a shock to wake up every morning and be bathed in this purple light.”

10. And this Q&A response


While promoting Hyde Park on Hudosn, Murray was asked: “How do they make your legs look so awful in that swimming scene?”

There was no make-up, or special effects used in that scene, so they were Bill’s own legs. He just laughed, then said: “That is acting.”

11. This insane story of a night with him


If even half of this is true (which we desperately hope it is) then this would have been one hell of a hangover. Alex Mann supposedly chronicled one insane night he accidentally had with Bill Murray, and I’m pretty sure no one has ever believed him. Here’s the full transcript, but be warned, there are unusual and sometimes unbelievable happenings within.

12. This slow motion credit walk

Resovoir Dogs gif

He could have just given him an autograph, but whilst shooting a commercial for Trident Academy, indie film maker David Walton Smith decided to do something a little bit different upon meeting Bill.

He recreated the famous slow motion walking scene that appears in many films, with him and his friends. Now that is one priceless video right there. Here it is.

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