8 reasons why Bruce Springsteen is still The Boss
Bruce Springsteen

The fact that Bruce Springsteen is The Boss of rock ‘n’ roll is absolutely irrefutable, and we will hear no more said about it.

Bruce turns 66 today, but still manages to look as cool and boyish as he did all those years ago on the cover of Born to Run. There’s many a man-crush involving Springsteen, and that’s just fine.

But every now and then, people need to be reminded as to exactly what Bruce has done to gain this monumental title. There’s many reasons why we call him ‘The Boss’, and here are just a few of his most recent highlights.

1. He knows how to celebrate a birthday


Just last night, Bruce went out to celebrate his birthday at a Jackson Browne concert in his beloved New Jersey. Of course, he was noticed in the crowd enjoying the gig, and Browne called him up to the stage to, no doubt, escape the wall of fans closing in on him.

So, he jumped on stage and performed a few tunes. Even though he was celebrating his birthday, he still found time to perform and made the concert something to really linger in the lucky punters’ minds. You know what they say: two rock and roll legends are better than one…. or something like that.

2. He saw off Jon Stewart in style

Even on this side of the pond, we can appreciate the legacy that talk show host Jon Stewart will leave behind. Or, at least, we know that it was a big deal for him to leave The Daily Show. Think of it like Noel Edmunds leaving Deal or No Deal, or when Richard and Judy left.

Anyway, Springsteen not only played on the final show, but actually saw him off. Stewart was even dancing around in the studio with his children. The man just exudes happiness to all those around him, even if they’re leaving a long standing talk show host job at the time.

3. He took over U2

Bruce Springsteen 2

Technically, he was the frontman for U2 for a single performance. At the World AIDS Day Concert in 2014, which is regularly headlined by The Edge and his merry men, cover was needed for iconic singer Bono, who had been in a motorcycle accident, and could not perform.

Bruce Springsteen had him covered though, taking it upon himself to step in – not wanting the performance to go to waste. What a guy.

4. He’s doing short films

Hunter of Invisible Game

Titled Hunter of Invisible Game, the short film is also used as the music video for a song with the same name, from the High Hopes album. Apparently, he’d been thinking of doing a short film for a while, and co-directed his first with Thom Zimny in 2014.

So, he’s an international rockstar, musical icon, and now film director. We’ve heard from a reliable source that he’s thinking of running for president next, because if Donald Trump can do it….

5. He played for four hours


In 2012 (you know, at the age of 63) Springsteen finished his European Tour with an epic four hour long set that broke records for time played by any one band. He is known for playing long sets, but this one was something really special.

I can’t even stand up for four hours, never mind thrash a guitar.

6. He doesn’t forget his fans

Of all his accolades though, his dedication to his fans is what truly earns him the title. While Joe Grushecky and the Houserockers were drilling a set at a bar on Jersey Shore, Springsteen decided to make the crowd’s night by making a surprise appearance and playing for nearly two hours. This kind of thoughtfulness and generosity resonates with fans far beyond that small bar, and allows him to battle Dave Grohl for the ‘nicest guy in music’.

You can’t imagine Harry Styles doing that, can you?

7. He won a second Golden Globe

You may have missed this one, but Bruce actually wrote an original song for acclaimed movie The Wrestler, and it won a Golden Globe. Are singers really supposed to win Golden Globes? Clearly, nobody told The Boss, as he’s walked away with two of them now, his first coming in 1994.

He now has the same number of Golden Globes as Leonardo DiCaprio. True story.

8. He plays countless charity gigs

Bruce Springsteen

There are plenty of singers who use their fame to really give back to charity, but Springsteen really does put the effort in. His list of supported causes ranges from Creative Arts to Voter Education.

See, rock ‘n’ roll isn’t just noise pollution (shout out to AC/DC), it brings out the absolute best in people, and Springsteen is a typical example of the absolute good music can do.

Long may he rule, The Boss.