Video: Michael Fassbender attends Macbeth premiere in Edinburgh
Michael Fassbender at the Macbeth premiere

William Shakespeare’s Scottish play has been given a makeover for the big screen in the shape of Justin Kurzel’s Macbeth, which received its UK premiere in Edinburgh last night.

Michael Fassbender takes the lead alongside Oscar-winner Marion Cotillard as Lady Macbeth in the production, which was partly shot on location on the Isle of Skye, much to the delight of Fassbender.

“[It was] stunning, breathtaking really. It was cold and it was wet, surprise, surprise, but Skye is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen.”

Co-starring with Fassbender is actor David Thewlis, perhaps best know for is role in the Harry Potter films. For Thewlis, who plays Duncan, the film was a chance to revisit the Bard.

“My training when I was at drama school was Shakespeare, and I was a bit sick of it then, but 30 years later I was ready to do some again.”

Also on the red carpet was actor Paddy Considine, who plays Banquo. Though he puts in an impressive performance, it’s unlikely he’ll be signing up to more Shakespeare any time soon:

“When you look at something like Macbeth and what Michael did, I don’t think I have the discipline. I’m glad I did it and I tried, but I don’t think it’s where my future lies.”

Watch our full video from the Macbeth premiere:

Following the red carpet, the cast and crew stepped onto the stage of Edinburgh’s Festival Theatre to introduce the film, which opens in UK cinemas on Friday 2 October.

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Macbeth premiere

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