7 most shockingly extreme reactions to movies

According to reports, new Joseph Gordon-Levitt film The Walk is actually starting to make viewers vomit through extreme feelings of vertigo, and although we really shouldn’t be having a humorous reaction to it, it is quite funny that a movie can have that affect on people.

The immersion that comes with sitting down in the cinema and becoming engrossed in a motion picture is unmatched, but sometimes it can cause more harm than good.

With that in mind, we take a look at some of the incidents where audiences had rather extreme reactions to movie viewings.

Breaking Dawn caused seizures


Tension for the birth scene in Breaking Dawn had been building for a while, but when viewers finally got to see how the movie-makers handled it, some were unfortunately plunged into seizures, allegedly due to the flashing lights and fast-moving shots.

Although, to be honest, we reckon some may have been faking it to get out of watching the rest of the movie. Well-played guys.

Avatar actually made some people suicidal


We’ve all watched movies and wished to be engrossed in the world that they depict. In our dreams, we’ve won the Quidditch world cup, fought off an army of Agent Smith’s and flew the Millennium Falcon into the heart of the Death Star.

But this time, some people took it way too far. Although the world of Pandora is depicted as a complete utopia in the film Avatar, it seems unbelievable that viewers came out of the film feeling sad that they couldn’t live on Pandora, and some even admitted to feeling suicidal..

V/H/S made people cry


If you’re looking for a decent horror movie to watch, V/H/S is a modern cult hit that many have saluted, but make sure you keep a bucket near by to catch the vomit.

The movie had a terrible reputation for inducing fear stricken sickness when it was released in cinemas, which is horrifying, but extremely good for publicity.

Insidious 3 scarred children for life

Insidious 3

If the plan with Insidious 3 was to scare people and have a lasting effect on their psyche, then the producers definitely got their wish.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite in the way that they wanted, as children were surprised to find the horror flick playing instead of the intended Disney hit Inside Out.

Needless to say, parents were absolutely fuming, and claimed that their children would be suffering from trauma for a while after the blunder.

People walked out of Sunset Boulevard in hysterics

Sunset Boulevard

Although the final cut of the film was as dramatic as a film can get, the original opening scene of Sunset Boulevard saw protagonist Joe Gillis’ dead body in a morgue (not floating in a pool like the later version), actually talking to his associates about how he was killed.

At a preview screening, the audience actually laughed so much, that many of them walked out, claiming that the film was terrible. Viewers who stayed didn’t know how to take the rest of the film, unsure whether they were watching a comedy or a drama.

The hilarious thing is, this film is now revered as a classic, so those old school movie critics have quite a bit of egg on their faces now.

The Exorcist literally traumatised people

This is one of the most famous examples, but it’s well worth repeating. The fact is, at the time of the film’s release, there had never been a movie quite like it, and it’s no-holds-barred rule on unnerving the audience really scared viewers.

Well, in fact, it did more than that. There are plenty of reports of trauma-induced stress and outrage following The Exorcist’s release, including in depth documentary footage here.

People went crazy when Mel Gibson fought Jet Li

Anyway, enough of all that morbid stuff – here’s one that’ll cheer you up. You may remember that Jet Li’s first American film appearance was as the antagonist in Lethal Weapon 4, at the end of which he pitted his martial arts skills against that of Mel Gibson’s character.

Well, someone found the original recordings of an audience watching that fight, and put it over a remastered version of the film, for ease of viewing. The viewers can be heard literally cheering for Mel, and gasping when Li performs some of his signature outrageous moves.

Either they were really big Lethal Weapon fans, or it was a really great fight scene for the time. We like to think it’s a bit of both.