Paul McCartney on the day John Lennon died: ‘We all kept recording’

Paul McCartney has released a mini-documentary marking what would have been the 75th birthday of his Beatles bandmate John Lennon.

The short film features a live performance of the song ‘Here Today’, which McCartney wrote in response to Lennon’s death in 1980.

Introducing the song on stage, McCartney says: “I wrote this song after he passed away and it was kinda stuff I never said to him, taking the form of an imaginary conversation we might have had.”

The film also includes archive interview footage of McCartney recalling how Lennon’s closest friends – and widow Yoko Ono – reacted in the immediate aftermath of the shocking news:

“We were in recording when John died. Like a lot of the people who had been closely associated with him, we all kept recording. George did. George Harrison, the same day, went into the studio. Yoko pretty soon after went right into the studio.

“It was just so hard for everyone to bear, that either you were gonna sit at home and just think, think, think, or you were going to try to do something to take your mind off it, and all of us had the same reaction.

“I was here that day and we just came in, and we just tried to work normally.”

Watch the video below:

Earlier this week Yoko Ono marked Lennon’s birthday by organising a human peace sign in New York’s Central Park, near The Dakota apartment building where Mark David Chapman shot the former Beatle on December 8, 1980.

Main image: Getty Images