8 times savoury foods got a ridiculous chocolate makeover
Chocolate pizza

Let’s be honest, we’ve all been slacking at this National Chocolate Week thing.

Okay, you may bought a Twix on your lunch break and eaten a slice of cake for dessert, but is that really enough?

It’s time to go full Augustus Gloop – embrace the brown stuff with both hands and submerge yourself in chocolaty goodness.

Here are 8 savoury dishes, given the franken-food makover with a chocolate twist:

1. ‘The Brooklynite’ (chocolate-coated bacon burger) from epicnomz.com

Brooklynite Burger


2. Coconut & Chocolate Curried Chicken from eatlikeagirl.com

Coconut & Chocolate Curried Chicken


3. Dark Chocolate Beef Chilli from tworedbowls.com

Dark chocolate beef chilli


4. Chocolate Quesadillas from howsweeteats.com

dessert quesadillas.


5. Chocolate Fried Chicken from popsugar.com

Chocolate Fried Chicken


6. Chocolate Salami from instructables.com

Chocolate Salami


7. Chocolate Pasta with Gorgonzola Cream Sauce from foodiecrush.com

chocolate pasta with gorgonzola cream sauce


8. Sinful Chocolate Pizza from cleonbuttera.com

Sinful Pizza