11 fun ways to keep fit in Glasgow
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Based on absolutely nothing apart from complete guess work, we estimate that around 90% of your New Year’s resolutions involved one of the following: get fit / lose weight / tone up / be healthy / exercise more / take up a new hobby / blah blah blah.

Hands up who has strayed from the above resolutions already? Yep, us too. And we’re not even a week in.

But don’t let the January blues get you down. We’re all in this together and sorely feeling the effect of several kilograms of cheese and enough Christmas pudding to sink a battleship.

Fear not friends. Getting fit in 2016 doesn’t have to be a complete slog. We’ve compiled 11 of the best ways to do it in Glasgow.

1. Cycling

Being such an urbanised city, Glasgow might not strike you as an optimum city for cycling. But how wrong you would be – there are in fact an abundance of cycle paths surrounding, and through the city. Our particular favourite runs all the way from the City Centre park Glasgow Green, along the Clyde and out to Uddingston. Have a look here for available options.

For more of a city vibe, fear not. Next Bikes have got your covered for £1 for every 30 minutes, or a tenner for 24 hour hire. Just download the app, find your nearest pick up/drop off point, and off you go.

And you know what they say about all work and no play… Check out our list of the best hangouts for cyclists in Glasgow here, for some superb suggestions of where to stop for a refreshment.

2. Trampolining

Air Space

Air Space

What better way to have fun getting fit than jumping around in a massive, padded room with trampolines on every surface? There’s ‘free jumping’, ‘power jumping’, dodge ball and just lots of good old fashioned bouncing around, it’s a spectacular way to get fit in the new year. OK, it is a bit out of the city but it’s well worth the twenty minute bus ride to get there.

Air Space, Stewartfield Way, East Kilbride, G74 4GT / website

3. Roller Derby

Roller Derby 2

If you’re looking for a new hobby as much as a way to get fit, perhaps roller derby could be just what you need. The sport of choice for those with a need for speed, if you’ve got decent balance and good co-ordination, think about enquiring about one of Glasgow Roller Derby‘s various teams, or if a collective is more your thing, try a group like The Deadly Divas.  Go on. New year, new you and all that.

4. Endurance events

tough mudder
Tough Mudder

There are already plenty of endurance style events scheduled for 2016 in Glasgow. Bite the bullet and get a team together for that Tough Mudder you keep talking about doing. Or if all that electric shocking and the downright disturbing obstacles are too much for you, why not sign up for The Glasgow Half Marathon, or The Kilt Walk, if you’re not a runner. And if you’re feeling particularly brave there’s always the Pedal for Scotland 55 mile cycle from Glasgow to Edinburgh. You can even kill two of your new year resolution birds with two stones and raise some money for charity at the same time. Sign up now and give yourself loads of time to train.

5. Head to the Lochs


Picture: Bob the Lomond /  Flickr / CC

We are lucky to not only live in the biggest (and best, ahem) city in Scotland but we are a mere hour away from the beauty of Loch Lomond and the surrounding Trossachs. While not strictly in Glasgow, the shores of Loch Lomond are accessible for all Glaswegians either by car or the regular train service to Balloch. Choose from a variety of water sports including wakebording and canoeing, simply take a stroll along the banks of the water or climb one of the many hills and munros on offer in the area.

6. Dance

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There are a myriad of contemporary dance and dance fitness classes in the city but if you want our opinion (and we’re assuming you do…), Dance Glasgow is one of the best. The studios offer a range of classes all the way from Ballroom to Bellydance to Beginners Jazz. They have just unveiled their 2016 timetable and there really is something for everyone. With West End and City Centre locations, there’s no excuse. Get fit, have fun, make pals. What’s not to like?

7. Take to the ice

Ice Skating - Giphy]

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We all say that we want to take up new hobbies and get fit. This year, why not make it actually happen. Not only is ice skating a great way to tone up your whole body and strengthen your core, it’s lots of fun, a potential new skill to add to your repertoire and it can even be kind of romantic (see above). Get yourself to Braehead where it costs as little a £3 per person to tear up the rink. Go on!

8. Japanese drumming

You heard right. Taiko drumming aka “Wadaiko” – is an energetic, choreographed art form that originates from Japan. While this is primarily a class to learn the skill of Taiko, the highly physical action required to beat the drums will provide a mega work out for your upper body and is bound to get the heart pumping. Toned arms and improved co-ordination a’hoy.

The Glasgow course is based in Merchant City and starts 18 Jan, for a duration of 10 weeks. Cost:  £70 if you’re under 30, and £120 if you’re over.

9. Dog walking

Picture: Clara S / Flickr 

We’e all for mixing pain with pleasure. Why trudge along on a treadmill in an overcrowded, sweaty gym when you can borrow someone’s dog and take it for a walk?

Borrowmydoggy.com might sound like a ludicrous website idea but it really works! There’s a £10 annual subscription fee but it’s completely worth it as it turns out there are lots of dogs in Glasgow that are in need of walkies. There are options to meet daily or weekly with dogs, as well as some who need looked at weekends, or when their owners are away from home. You get a dog to snuggle up to and a reason to venture out into the cold, rain soaked streets of Glasgow. Perfect.

10. Run away with the circus

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Wait, there’s no need to run away… You can join the circus here in your very own home city. Groups such as Spinal Chord and Aerial Edge offer classes including aerial silks, aerial hoops, trampoline, trapeze skills and Chinese pole. Not only is there a huge range, the classes range from complete beginner to complete pro, so don’t worry if you’re not a whizz on walking the tightrope just yet. 2016 could be your year.

11. Join the gym

It’s not all acrobatics and Japanese drumming.

We’ve saved this one tip last and we’re sorry to say it but there is always the good old fashioned option of joining a gym. Glasgow has lots of different price ranges on offer. If you’re on a budget, PureGym and TheGym offer monthly memberships starting at £17.99 and £10.99 respectively. For those of us feeling flush in the new year (or delirious from all the pigs in blankets we’ve consumed), there’s the slightly more upmarket options of Virgin Active, LA Fitness and newly opened The Village. These are brilliant if you want a swimming pool thrown in to the equation as well. Or perhaps more likely, a steam room and sauna? We’re not judging.

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