Paris Saint-Germain threatens M.I.A. with legal action over ‘Borders’ video
M.I.A Borders

It’s time for your fix of ‘bizarre legal battles you never expected’ – this week featuring British-born artist M.I.A. and the oil-rich French football team Paris Saint-Germain.

It seems that PSG (current home of leggy Swede Zlatan Ibrahimovic) are particularly peeved with the singer following the use of a doctored version of their strip in the video for her latest single ‘Borders’.

The politically-charged track and video features lyrics on Europe’s attitude to the ongoing refugee crisis, whilst M.I.A. stands atop a human pyramid of people crossing the sea in search of safety.

But, it was the inclusion of the artist’s PSG shirt, which had altered the sponsor from ‘Fly Emirates’ to ‘Fly Pirates’, which resulted in the football club requesting that the video be pulled:

In trademark sparky fashion, M.I.A. has refused to be pushed around by the football giant’s claims that their brand had ‘suffered’ from the inclusion in the video – and referred to her previous legal dispute with the NFL (a case which involved her flashing a middle finger during a cameo at Madonna’s Superbowl show).

The club’s star striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic has previously spoken out on political issues, temporarily adorning his body with 50 names of ‘hungry people’ to raise awareness for the World Food Programme.

Will the Swede, known for speaking his mind, keep quiet on this latest issue?

PSG are now in something of a PR pickle: do they pursue this case and censor the artist’s free speech or do they drop it and risk damaging the relationship with their sponsors? (Note: The answer is obviously, obviously the first option).

Watch the video for ‘Borders’ below: