20 top things you can only do in Sheffield
Sheffield skyline

Other than the huge hills, we are pretty lucky in Sheffield. The cafes and pubs are amazing, and everyone knows everyone – it’s no surprise the locals refer to it as a massive village.

Our city is truly unique, and here are 20 things we can do here that we can’t do anywhere else.

1. Visit a multi award-winning pub

Photograph: Nick / Flickr / CC

The Kelham Island Tavern has won so many awards for its ale it doesn’t know what to do with them, including National Pub of the Year on more than one occasion. With 13 real ales and a load of cider and keg stuff, there is a fantastic amount of choice.

Kelham Island: Sheffield’s ultimate pub crawl?

2. Support the world’s oldest football club

Okay okay it isn’t technically Sheffield, but it’s barely a hop, skip and jump away to the Sheffield FC ground in Dronfield. Established in 1857, they’re the oldest club still going, and the pub next door is perfect for a half time pint too.

3. Post a letter in Jessica Ennis-Hill’s golden letter box

We couldn’t be prouder of our Jess, especially after the 2012 Olympics.

4. Visit the national park on your doorstep

Derwent Valley from Curbar Edge

We’re pretty lucky here in Sheffield. It takes less than half an hour to reach the Peak District, for all your hiking, climbing, or beer drinking needs.

5. Visit the birthplace of Hendo’s

It’s basically a pilgrimage for any self-respecting Sheffielder. The condiment of the gods.

6. Go to Sean Bean’s chippy


The Broomhill Friery is technically his nephew’s chippy, but Sean himself has been known to pop in a few times.

7. Go see the World Snooker Championship


The Crucible Theatre is pretty massive in the snooker world, having hosted the championship for nearly 40 years. If you spend enough time around the theatres and Winter Gardens at the right time of year, you’re basically guaranteed to spot a few famous faces.

8. Visit the Arctic Monkey’s first gig venue

On the tiny upstairs stage of The Grapes pub, the fresh-faced Arctic Monkeys played their first ever gig in 2003, and one of the most influential indie bands of the twentieth century was born! It’s worth a visit, just so you can say have been in the same room as them.

9. Try the most real ales in the country


In last year’s Campaign for Real Ale’s survey Sheffield came out on top, with 385 different real ales available in the city on one day. This means we are basically treated to one big beer festival all year round.

10. Spot sights from the Full Monty

Sheffield looks a bit different now, but there’s still very recognisable parks and buildings.

11. Visit a real bear pit

A bit grittier than Full Monty sightseeing, the (obviously decommissioned) bear pit in the Botanical Gardens is a slice of our history.

12. Sell your soul to the devil at Meadowhall

Yeah we know, most cities have their own massive out of town shopping centre, but we can’t imagine there are many more soul-destroying than Meadowhell.

13. Get involved in the biggest documentary festival

Every June people descend on Sheffield from all over for the world famous DocFest. Find out more.

14. Spend a weekend at free gigs

There ain’t no party like a Tramlines party! Some of the shows do charge, but many pubs and smaller stages around the city are still free.

15. Ruin your best shoes


Corporation is a Sheffield institution, and the best (and dirtiest) cheap night out known to mankind.

16. Go indoor bungee jumping

For some reason it sounds safer indoors.

17. Ride a never-ending lift

arts tower
Photograph: random_dave / Flickr / CC

Okay there are a few examples of Paternoster lifts around the world, but the one in the University of Sheffield Arts Tower is the largest in the world. Go over the top or under the bottom for the most underwhelming roller-coaster experience ever.

18. Go to the famous Kebabish

If it isn’t overwhelming enough to be in the Full Monty city, you can even go for a kebab in the shop they blew up in Four Lions.

19. Try some rare Chinese puddings

The new oriental food market, Oisoi, boasts some pretty interesting and obscure treats, including mooncake desserts, handmade noodles, and aged soy sauce.

20. Go to Halfway

No, honestly. It’s a real place!

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Main image: Photograph M Hillier / Flickr / CC