Is Norm Of The North the worst film of the year already?
Norm Of The North

When a plucky arctic animal decides to travel to New York to stop humans building houses in his homeland – you somehow end up with what some critics are already calling the worst movie of 2016. And it’s not even February yet.

Norm Of The North is an animated film that’s been given a widespread pasting by audiences and reviewers on its release in the US. But who would have thought it from such an inspiring premise?

Rob Schneider is…a twerking polar bear!

Da derp dee derp da teetley derpee derpee dumb.

Starring Schneider as the upbeat protagonist, and featuring a baffling supporting turn from British acting great Bill Nighy, the feature-length cartoon has been roundly attacked for being unfunny, nonsensical and tedious to sit through, with near-universal condemnation so far.

Norm Of The North currently has an impressively abysmal 0% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and critics certainly aren’t pulling their punches.

Here are some of our favourite summaries:

“It’s a good thing that apathy doesn’t produce carbon dioxide, because otherwise Norm Of The North would be responsible for single-handedly drowning legions of the cute Arctic creatures that star in this awkwardly assembled kids’ movie”

AV Club

“There’s nothing here for anyone with an IQ higher than freezing temperatures”


“It’s doubtful that even the least discriminating children will settle for this level of shameless pandering”


“It assumes kids can only be entertained by the sights of lemmings urinating in an aquarium, and of a bird defecating on people”

And then there’s Chris Stuckmann’s brilliantly withering YouTube review, in which the traumatized cinephile states:

“I had to sit down and process this movie for many hours before I felt capable of discussing just how truly horrible Norm Of The North is.”

Oh dear.

Norm Of The North is due to hit the UK on March 18. Watch the trailer and weep: