5 things we learned from the new Suicide Squad trailer
suicide squad

A new trailer for DC’s own superhero get-together, Suicide Squad, has just been released.

Watch it below:

Written and directed by David Ayer, the hotly anticipated blockbuster stars Jared Leto, Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Jai Courtney and Joel Kinnaman, and will hit cinemas this Summer.

Here’s what we learned from the trailer…

1. Tom Hardy has a lookalike

Even if you’ve been avoiding all the hype or living under a rock, you might still have heard Tom Hardy’s name tossed around in early stages of the Suicide Squad story. Sadly, Tom was “too busy” (scheduling conflicts and all that), and his role was recast.

But it would be fair if you didn’t pick up his absence from the trailer. A mental, cockney guy screaming from a cell? Who acts like Bronson and look like Mad Max? For those of you who thought – or were maybe just hoping – for Hardy…

Nope. Jai Courtney. It’s uncanny.

Hardy wouldn’t make much sense anyway. Is Rick Flagg Bane in this universe?

2. Government funded?

A little birdy (called IMDB) told us Batman should be making an appearance somewhere in the mix, which makes sense when we see government officials talking about putting together a villainous team.

Superman would have trusted the system. We don’t know what the system’s doing with the team, but one look at Joker will send any trust running.

What are they up to?

3. Bohemian Rhapsody has never sounded so good

Perfection being of course ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. We know all the words, we can imitate every guitar riff, how could that possibly be improved?

Why, with gunshots and gut-punching sound effects accenting the guitar solo, obviously.

But where’s Harley’s harsh Brooklyn accent that made you want to shut her up any way possible?

4. The mystery character is still a mystery

Mystery characters aren’t exactly new to movies, but the reason this one is so tantalising is that usually a mystery character is the bad guy. The one our heroes have to defend us from. Since this is a movie made up of bad guys he’d either have to be the kind of fearsome villain to which even Joker has to say “too far, mate” or (twist!) a good guy.

Not to mention the grandson of the legendary Clint Eastwood will be playing him. Will he live up to the high bar of his granddaddy?

Rumours are the mystery man will be Deathstroke. Aside from the name confusing everyone who’s heard of Deadstroke, Deathshot, or Deathpool, the sword-wielding mercenary just doesn’t quite seem awesome enough to shine amongst this cast of crazies.

However, there is a quick shot of a mystery man standing in front of a speeding train.

It’s hard to tell who he is amongst all the chaos, but it could give conspirators a clue.

5. It actually looks good

Everyone’s been setting themselves up for disappointment so far, because seriously, what could beat Heath Ledger’s Joker?

Well maybe the idea isn’t to beat, but avoid. The Dark Knight‘s Joker had method to his madness and is considered smarter than most villains.

Leto’s Joker seems to have an instinct to scare in a “what’s he going to do next?” way.

Maybe it’s the fact that Tattoo Man and Captain Boomerang don’t look half as boring/stupid as imagined, maybe it’s the new Joker that gives a chill, maybe Queen can improve anything, but the overall thoughts are: “Can’t wait!”


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