12 recipes that will make you love haggis

Tradition dictates that haggis, neeps and tatties will be the only dish on the menu for Burn’s Night on Monday (25 Jan).

But if you’re sick of tatties, you’ve never liked neeps, and haggis makes you gag,there are plenty of other ways to sample the ‘great chieftain o the puddin-race’.

There’s been talk of America finally lifting their ban on haggis lately. We think they’ll go through with it after seeing these.

1. Haggis in a pakora

Haggis Pakora

Try the recipe via www.queenofeverything.co.uk

2. Haggis on top off nachos


Try the recipe via www.cellarviewines.com

3. Haggis as a pizza topping

Haggis Pizza

Try the recipe via 41feasts.com

4. Haggis curry

Haggis Curry
Halls Of Scotland

Try the recipe via Halls Of Scotland

5. Haggis lasagne

Haggis Lasagna

Try the recipe via www.thechaoticscot.com

6. Haggis packed into meatballs

Haggis Meatballs

Try the recipe via notjustanyoldbaking

7. Haggis topping a burger

Haggis Burger

Try the recipe via jamesvsburger.com

8. Crisp fried haggis with a chilli sauce

Crisp-Fried Haggis
Nick Nairn Cook School

Try the recipe via Nick Nairn Cook School

9. Haggis pasta

Haggis Pasta

Try the recipe via MacSween

10. Haggis soup

Haggis Soup
BBC Food

Try the recipe via BBC Food

11. Haggis in posh canapés

Haggis Canapes

Try the recipe via MacSween

12. Haggis Bon Bons

Haggis Bon Bons
Informed Edinburgh

Try the recipe via Informed Edinburgh

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