10 things you (probably) didn’t know about The Ruby Lounge
Ruby Lounge

In honour of Independent Venue Week (25-31 Jan), we asked one of Manchester’s most loved independent live music locations, The Ruby Lounge, to share some fond memories and fun facts about the popular venue and its many performers.

As you may know, The Ruby Lounge is a rock ‘n’ roll venue that puts on a range of artists as well as some much-loved Manc club nights – from Dog House to Remake Remodel.

Here, Harriet Williamson from The Ruby Lounge team steps up to the plate to share ten titbits you’ve (probably) never heard about the place…

1. The first band to play on stage at The Ruby Lounge were The Courteeners

“The band were were shooting the video for their single ‘Acrylic’.”

2. The owner used to be a head chef

“Ruby Lounge owner David Hollins was once a head chef in London and has worked at top restaurants like The Ivy, where you’re guaranteed to spot celebrity diners.”

3. Florence and the Machine made some diva demands

Florence and the Machine
Marie Westmoreland

“When the band played The Ruby Lounge, Florence asked the whole audience to sit down and then insisted on signing the wall in our office.”

4. We once had a drunk customer crawl into the ceiling space… and we had to cut a piece of the ceiling away to get him out

“After he had been ejected from the building we nailed one of his shoes to the wall as a memento.”

5. Former Doctor Who Matt Smith turned up at The Ruby Lounge for a Tribes DJ set

Matt Smith
Getty Images

“The actor was absolutely delightful, if a little inebriated.”

6. The Ruby Lounge’s promoter Jay Taylor has showbiz in his blood

“Jay is the son of a showgirl mother and a bassist father who played with Joe Brown and Emile Ford and the Checkmates as well as Screaming Lord Sutch.”

7. During a Guitar Wolf concert audience members formed a human pyramid on stage…

“… with the band’s guitarist at the top. Health and safety policy was a little lax that evening.”

8. The lost and found box has had some rather gruesome contents

“On one occasion a cooked, rather ripe pig’s head was found wrapped in a carrier bag in the back of the venue at 4am. Thankfully this hasn’t happened again!”

9. We once held an Eagles of Death Metal after party in our kitchen


“Believe it or not, we turned the space into a Saw-themed horror room.”

10. It wasn’t always a music venue

“The Ruby Lounge has previously been a restaurant, an ’80s wine bar and a gangster-run urban nightclub in the ’90s and early ’00s, where more champagne was poured by liquid volume than beer.”

Visit The Ruby Lounge: 28-34 High Street, M4 1QB

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Main image: The Ruby Lounge