Kanye West changes new album title to Waves
Kanye West Waves

Kanye West is currently giving out the vibes of someone who says they’ve finished a two-week History homework project, but will be up to 5am on the deadline day writing about castles.

Yep, despite only just this week seeing that the ‘best album of all time’ had been finally completed – Kanye has gone and renamed it Waves (formerly Swish, formerly So Help Me God).

It’s not finished yet, is it?

Adding to this, Yeezy also tweeted out the updated tracklist from his notepad, now with added chapters, songs split into ‘Parts’ I & II, a new track titled ‘Ultra Light Beam’ and extra graffiti from wife Kim Kardashian and Swizz Beatz.

News has also broken that the album’s February 11 launch date may not be as straightforward as previously thought, with plans to apparently perform Waves live at the launch of his new Yeezy Season 3 fashion range in New York, which will be screened to cinemas live across the UK and beyond including Cineworld and Vue chains.

We’ll be there, in the front row, shushing all you popcorn chomping m*****f*****s.

Waves is set for release on February 11 (we think).

Main image: Getty