Fine Brothers backtrack after internet backlash
The Fine Brothers sad

Remember yesterday when we told you all about the Fine Brothers controversy?

Well, it looks like the YouTube duo have completely backtracked on their plans to trademark reaction videos, and have now decided to scrap all of their future plans in relation to ‘React World’.

The video-making siblings caused outrage this week when they tried to legally lay claim to, what appeared to be, an entire genre of online videos, even going as far as to allegedly use YouTube’s copyright flagging system to have other user’s videos taken down form the site, just for having the words “react” or “kids” in their video titles.

It's madness

Thankfully, the entire internet community rallied against the move, and barraged the producers with criticism, leading to a massive 291,000 (as of right now) subscriber loss in just a few days.

And now, as you’ll  no doubt be glad to hear, they have rescinded their plans and apologised profusely. Visit the following link for the full statement:

With an apology resembling that of a child that’s been particularly naughty, the Fine Brothers have decided to:

“Rescind all of [their] React trademark applications…discontinue the React World program…release all past Content ID claims.”

So, they’re scrapping that terrible idea that they had, they’re not going to bother claiming that they own the sole rights to the concept of ‘reaction videos’, and all videos that have been removed by YouTube as a result of copyright strikes will be rescinded.

It’s over. We won.

The Office champagne spray

Social media isn’t exactly known for its forgiving nature though, and it looks like it may be some time before people are completely over the situation.

Fans of the vloggers appear to have been well and truly burned by the whole ordeal, so if you’re having trouble coming to terms with the whole situation, why not check out their live subscriber count, which may or may not continue to plummet.

In the modern age, where YouTube in particular seems to be less and less ‘free’ for creatives everyday, this is a victory for the little people.


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