18 things you should know before dating someone from Sheffield
Peace in the park, Sheffield

While the Sheffield locals may never be the most romantic in the world, they do have a certain charm. From their undeniably endearing accents to their love of the great outdoors, the people of this city are brimming with some of the greatest qualities.

Still, there’s a few things you ought to know before dating a true born ‘n’ bred northerner. Before you head out to meet your date, read this.

1. They’ll probably be in a band

When you go on your first date and you’re asking all those cliche ‘getting to know you’ questions, this will come up. Almost everyone in Sheffield is / has been / will be in a band. Be aware that they will expect you to attend all their gigs, regardless of how good they actually are. Before you make any serious commitments, go see them play. It might be a real deal-breaker.

2. The way to their hearts is through their stomachs

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Well, that’s true for men, women and everyone in between here in Sheffield. When you start seeing someone here, you’d better learn to cook sharpish. Present them with a heart, homecooked dish (complete with potatoes and gravy), and you’ll be in their good books for life.

3. You’ll need to learn to cook Yorkshire puds…

yorkshire puddings

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Oh, and did we mention that Sheffield folk love Yorkies? Well, they do. If you can’t make these things as fluffy and tasty as possible, you might as well not bother. When you start dating someone from this fine city, they will expect you to know how to make these from scratch. Remember, you’re competing with their mum – who was probably the master of making the perfect pud.

4. … preferably seven days a week

And, don’t make the mistake of thinking that these things are just a Sunday tradition. As if! If Yorkshire people could eat them every day of the week, they would.

5. They’ll take you to old man pubs

If you’re accustomed to being taken to high-class restaurants every night of the week, you might need to alter your expectations. When a Sheffielder takes you out on a date, you’re most likely to end up at an old man pub. Don’t be disheartened! They have probably spend ages fretting over which one serves the best craft beers and has the tastiest snacks to boot.

6. And, ordering a schnapps will ruin your chances of getting a second date

Make no mistakes – ordering a drink is the ultimate test of northerness. If you want to make the right impression, you need to avoid tacky drinks. That includes anything that’s fruit flavoured or brightly coloured. If you order a glass of red, it won’t do your image any harm, but neither will it do you any favours. If you really want to make the right impression, though, you need to order a pint of local ale. There are loads of breweries from which to choose, so you’d better start swotting up.

7. They think ‘walking dates’ are a legit thing

At first glance, walking dates are cheap and unimaginative. You’d be forgiven for finding the idea of trekking around for a few hours slightly unappealing. Especially when you compare it with the typical dinner date.There’s a reason the people around here love walking, though. The greenery around Sheffield is simply stunning. There’s nothing more romantic than taking a stroll in one of our many parks or even the Peaks. Whether it’s summer, winter, autumn or spring, Sheffield folk believe it’s the ideal time to go for a wee ramble.

8. You’ll have to really impress them to meet their mum

In the north, family is everything. If you ever have the pleasure of meeting someone’s mum, it means that you’ve passed all their tests. After all, no self-respecting Sheffielder would introduce their mother to just anyone.

9. And, if you meet their Nannan, they totally love you

Forget grans, nans and grandmas – there’s just one word for these ladies in Sheffield. It might seem confusing at first, but a Sheffield person’s Nannan will be the most important woman to them. If they ever do you the honor of introducing you to her, it could be the real deal.

10. They’ll try and make you go climbing

Growing up in Sheffield is an active existence. Anyone who was dragged up in these parts knows how to climb even the sheerest of walls. Once you start dating someone from this city, it’s only a matter of time before they pop that all-important question. “Would you like to come climbing with me?” In their minds, this is possibly the epitome of romance. Don’t burst their northern bubble. Get some gear and give it a go.

11. The dialect takes some getting used to

“Dee… dar… dee… dar…” When you first start seeing someone from here, their accent may be a serious communication barrier. Everything from the accent to the dialect can be difficult for outsiders. The only solace you can take here is that you will learn it eventually.

12. You need to know how to make a good brew

The art of tea making is a serious thing. When you date a northern lad or lass, you’ll learn that. If you’ve been doing it wrong for the last however many years, they’ll call you on it. First, you need to start with the right brand – Yorkshire Tea, obviously. Next, add boiling hot water to it. Wait. Wait. Wait some more. There’s simply no rushing this very important process. Now, squeeze the bag. Add a little milk – no sugar.

13. They call these things breadcakes

bread rolls

Flickr / CC

Don’t start an argument about what these things are called – it will only ever end one way. They’re not buns, rolls or cobs. They are breadcakes Accept that and you’ll have an easy life.

14. If they buy you a Beres pork sarnie, you’ve done something right

While we’re talking about rolls breadcakes, there’s only one thing you should want on yours. Beres is kind of famous in Sheffield, and for a temptingly¬† good reason – their pork sarnies are the must-have comfort food. If your potential partner buys you one of these beauties, you must have done something right.

15. Don’t get jealous when they call everyone else ‘love’

“Alright, love?” So, you’re out and about with them and they start calling everyone and anyone their love. Either they’re the ultimate player, or you’ve seriously got the wrong end of the stick! Don’t worry, it’s the latter. ‘Love’ is just like calling someone ‘mate’ or ‘pal.’ When a Sheffield person says it, it is no more romantic than any other term of endearment.

16. You’ll pick up their accent (sorry)

The Sheffield accent is contagious. The more time you spend with locals, the more likely you are to pick up their accent. Don’t fight it – embrace it, love.

17. They’ll rave about Hendo’s

If your town or city made an incredible tasting sauce, you’d probably want to talk about it too. When your date starts telling you about the sauce and all the tasty pairing options they’ve found, stay with them. The people of this city are dead proud of this local export, and so they should be.

18. They’re hardy as hell!

If there’s one thing you need to know about Sheffielders, it’s this – they’re hardy. You won’t find any soft, southern traits in these people. These people don’t take nonsense. They don’t shy away from hard work. They will stick up for the people around them. In short, they are the most lovable people you’ll ever meet.

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