WOW247 mix 001: Midnight City
midnight city

In a new feature on WOW247, Merseyside house duo Midnight City have crafted an exclusive mix to get your weekend off to the best possible start.

Jonny Hayes and Josh Jones formed Midnight City in late 2013 and have already scored a Top 5 hit, having co-produced the massive Philip George & Anton Powers track ‘Alone No More’.

Their next release is the new single ‘Just Like That’, a soulful house track that features the vocal talents of London-born rising star Raphaella, and is released on Get Twisted.

Introducing their mix, they say:

“Lots of variety in this one. We’ve tried to stay as true to our club sets as possible. You can expect a few deep groovers, some vocal and piano driven anthems, one or two classics and a couple of our own tracks thrown in for good measure. Hope you enjoy!”

WOW247 mix 001: Midnight City tracklist

Sidney Charles – Controoler [DFTD]
Latmun – Def [VIVa]
Midnight City – Sexy Lady (Piano Lesson)
Kideko & George Kwali – Crank It [TMT]
Artful Dodger- Movin Too Fast (Toucan Bootleg)
David Morales – Needin You [Manifesto]
Philip George & Anton Powers – Alone No More (Midnight City Remix) [3Beat]
Double 99 – RIP Groove (Time Deluxe Remix) [Skint]
Mike Mago & KC Lights – Daylight [Spinnin]
Joe Stone & Ferreck Dawn – Man Enough [Spinnin]
Midnight City – Just Like That feat. Raphaella (Instrumental) [Get Twisted/Columbia]
Michael Mandal – I Don’t Know [3Beat]
Gat Decor – Passion (Naked Mix) [Effective Records]
Endor – Fever

We also spoke to Midnight City about their inspirations, their ideal club atmosphere, and what’s next…

Can you describe your backgrounds and why you got together as a duo?

“When we began in the early 00’s, there were two sounds dominating the club scene in Liverpool – big Funky House groovers and outrageous Bouncy House floor-fillers, and we loved them both! We were probably about 14/15 when we met in an online forum dedicated to those particular styles, and with us both being the same age, coming from similar backgrounds and having already been producing for a couple of years, we became good friends and began collaborating.”

How would you define your ‘sound’ – and is that something you try to make distinctive across your work?

“Right now, the best term to describe our sound is probably ‘accessible House music’. First and foremost targeted towards clubs and dance music fans, but not so obscure that it might put off those looking for something to listen to at home.”

“We have a lot of unreleased, more underground material as well. Hopefully we can showcase that side of ourselves a bit more in 2016. No matter what kind of vibe we’re feeling at the time though, we’ve always got the dancefloor in mind, and I think it’s that, along with the lingering nostalgia for our early influences, that ultimately defines our sound.”

How big a difference has the success of ‘Alone No More’ made for you?

“Out in the club world, not as much as we’d have hoped unfortunately. Obviously since our name wasn’t credited in the song title, the depth of our involvement has remained pretty much in the shadows. Behind the scenes however, it has been a massive confidence boost for us. To have played such a big role in a song that topped the UK charts is pretty unbelievable. It hasn’t even began to sink in!”

When you’re out yourself, what do you look for in a club night?

“The two most important factors for us are musical variety and a friendly atmosphere. If you can get a clubnight that brings both, then itís always a winner.”

Who are your heroes in club music?

“Armand Van Helden is definitely a hero of ours. We’ve loved his music since day one and no matter how much time passes, he manages to stay on top, without moving away from his trademark sound.

“Tiesto is another one. When we first discovered club music in the early 00’s, it was him that inspired us to explore production and DJing. And although his recent sound might not be strictly what we’re playing right now, he’s managed to stay relevant for a long time and you have to respect that!”

What’s next for Midnight City?

“Who knows? I won’t say we don’t have any plans, because we do, but at the pace things are moving for us at the minute, they usually don’t last very long! 2016 is very much looking like an open book, so we’ll just continue doing what we’re doing and hopefully people will enjoy the music.

“We’re working very closely with Tough Love’s Get Twisted imprint on Columbia Records as well, so we’re looking forward to a great future with those guys!”

Midnight City’s ‘Just Like That’ is released on February 12 on Get Twisted Records. Buy on iTunes / Listen on Spotify