The Green Inferno: Eli Roth on making a horror in the Amazon
the green inferno

It’s been a tortuous journey for Eli Roth’s latest horror thriller, The Green Inferno, but it finally arrives on DVD today in the UK.

We spoke to the writer/actor/director about his cannibal chiller back in 2014 at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, which co-stars his real-life wife, Lorenza Izzo.

Roth explained that The Green Inferno is “about a bunch of students from New York City that are real activist types”:

“They go to the Amazon to save a dying tribe [from people ripping up their village]. They chain themselves to trees, they protest, and it actually works, it shuts it down, and then on the way home their plane crashes, and the very people they save basically dart them, and take them hostage, and just see them as invaders. And they become the life supply of the village.”

The Green Inferno was filmed in a part of the Amazon jungle that was, according to Roth, “farther than anyone had ever filmed anything”, but it was for this very reason that they chose the location.

“The whole film was an incredible experience,” Roth says. “What I wanted to do was… a lot of films are very special effects-driven, they’re done in studios, or green screens… I wanted a movie that looked and felt dangerous. It really was, we really took people into the Amazon, and when you see Lorenza in the river, we really put her in the river, she really almost drowned! And every day I was thinking, ‘please, nobody die, nobody die!'”

green inferno

Despite the challenges, Izzo maintains that it was a great experience:

“As an actor it was heaven. My first language is Spanish and they all spoke Spanish. So I was able to really talk to them and understand who they were, and really what they thought of this. So for them this was so absurd, they were like, ‘you get to pretend to be someone else and that’s what you do for a living’, and I was like, ‘yeah, it’s pretty fun right?’

“We had so much fun, we really had a strong connection with them,” she adds. “To be in that natural environment as an actor, you couldn’t ask for more.”

The Green Inferno is out now on DVD and Blu-ray.

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