18 weird things you (probably) won’t believe happened in Glasgow
Glasgow University skyline

Glasgow really is a weird and wonderful place, isn’t it? So much so that, in fact, there might not be much you wouldn’t believe happened here.

Nonetheless, give us a chance…

Here are 18 bizarre things you (probably) won’t believe ever happened in Glasgow.

1. Neil Young busked outside Central Station

OK, so it was a while back but it still happened. In April 1976 Neil Young arrived in Glasgow to play a gig. Before the show, Young and his band sat down outside of Central Station with a harmonica and a banjo and played The Old Laughing Lady in front of a bemused crowd.

2. A ‘Wineathalon’ became a thing

Forget the triathalon, Glasgow has invented the Wineathalon, due to be held later this year. Runners will be offered wine at every rest stop. Is it just us or this a recipe for disaster? We’ll find out in September…

3. A drunken Santa had to be removed from the top of Duke of Wellington’s horse…

Drunk Santa

Not content with the traffic cone being an accepted addition to the city centre landmark, this Santa decided he wanted a shot too. His efforts resulted in him being removed by the ‘polis.

4. This happened…

Glasgow Big Issue
Image: Facebook

The slogan ‘People Make Glasgow’ may feel a bit overused at times but occurrences like this goes to show that, in fact, they really do.

5. An elephant called Roger got stuck in the Kelvingrove

Sir Roger the Elephant is the only artefact that has consistently been in the Kelvingrove. He was too big to fit through the doors when the museum was refurbed so he’s found himself a home for life.

6. This man attempted to hoover up a puddle…

There’s not really much more to be said about this one. A man did indeed try to hoover up a puddle, causing quite a scene on Argyle Street.

7. A troupe of giant Tunnocks tea cakes and John Barrowman danced in Celtic Park…

Commonwealth games

The 2014 Commonwealth Games played host to one of the most bizarre opening ceremonies to happen anywhere, ever. There were teacakes, kiltless men and lots of Scottie dogs. And THAT kiss. Go JB.

8. The city was overrun by zombies…

ワールド・ウォーZ ハマったハマった😊💙 #WorldWarZ

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Remember that time Glasgow City Centre was transformed into Philadelphia and overrun by the walking dead? Ahh, good old 2011. World War Z was in production, Brad Pitt was in town and walking through George Square was literally walking through a film set.

9. Chris Hoy got ID’d going into the ‘CHRIS HOY’ Velodrome

Wow. Massive ‘riddy for whoever made that mistake.

10. Who needs mulled wine?

“Surprisingly delicious.” We’ll take you at your word Arches. Glasgow does Christmas right.

11. Kings of Leon, Coldplay and Pharrell WIlliams all hung out in Glasgow Green

Kind of. In 2014, Glasgow Green hosted Radio 1’s Big Weekend and the line up was not to be sniffed at. Others on the bill included Kasabian, Royal Blood, Paolo Nutini and good old 1D. Quite a weekend for Glasgow.

12. It was named the most vegan-friendly city in the UK

PETA named the dear green place the most vegan-friendly city, thanks to establishments like Stereo, Mono and The 78. Kind of surprising for somewhere that prides itself on the Munchie Box and the perfect square sausage.

13. The first ever TV images broadcast in Glasgow

The TV was invented by the Scottish engineer John Logie Baird in the 1920s. The first ever public demonstration of a TV broadcast was shown at the Central Hotel at Central Station, Glasgow. No big deal…

14. That time it was the murder capital of Europe…

Glasgow officially became the murder capital of Europe in 2003. Hard to believe from our beloved city but it’s come on leaps and bounds over the past thirteen years.

15. Stan Laurel made his stage debut in the city

Stan and Ollie 😊 #laurelandhardy #art #artwork #drawing #arts_help

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Stan Laurel, future partner of Oliver Hardy, moved to Glasgow with his family in the early 1900s. At the age of 16 he made his on stage debut at the PanopticanTheatre, Trongate. The theatre is also the oldest surviving music hall in the world. You can have that one for free.

16. The first ever international football match was played here

Not content with owning the first ever TV transmission, Glasgow has claimed football as well.

The first official international football match was between Scotland and England and took place at the West of Scotland Cricket Club in Partick, in 1872.It ended 0–0 and was watched by 4,000 people.

17. A drunken riot broke out at the classiest cinema in town…

Sunday night sofa, wine and cinema :) #trainwrecked #movie #grosvenor

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It all got a little bit much for some Glaswegians during a screening of 50 Shades of Grey at the Grosevnor last Valentine’s Day. Three drunk women caused a scene which resulted in a man being glassed, vomiting in the aisles, lots of blood and three arrests. Nice work Glasgow.

18. A bus became a train…

You just can’t beat the Glesga banter.

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