Street Fighter in real-life: watch the amazing video
Street Fighter

Ever wanted to see Ken and Ryu lock horns for real? Well now you can, thanks to an incredible (and very funny) live-action fan movie that pits your favourite Street Fighter characters against each other.

Filmed in a humble backyard, yet packed with authentic costumes, cool stunts, jaw-dropping CGI work and plenty of gags, this is great stuff.

Behold as Hadoukens fly, stretchy-limbed warrior Dhalsim slaps people about the face, and M Bison launches himself across the screen.

There’s even an obligatory bonus car-smashing stage, naturally.

It’s all thanks to the talented team of comedy filmmakers at YouTube channelĀ RackaRacka, who also previously brought us such effects-laden pop culture extravaganzas as Harry Potter vs Star Wars and Game Of Thrones vs Lord Of The Rings.

We can’t wait to see what they do next.


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