11 exceedingly cool-looking PlayStation VR games

The hype surrounding the upcoming wave of virtual reality technology in gaming is absolutely real, as we could be witnessing a complete paradigm shift in virtual entertainment.

Fair enough. But what are the games coming out for these devices? And will they be any good?

Fortunately there are quite a few to get excited for. To start with, here are our picks for the most cool-looking experiences on their way to PlayStation VR.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

Until Dawn Rush of Blood

Although 2015’s Until Dawn was a relatively unknown game before its release, it proved to be one of the highlight’s of last year’s gaming calendar.

Packing VR support, upcoming spin-off, Rush of Blood, looks set to fulfill all of those masochistic fantasies all horror fans have, so if you’re the kind of person who likes to scare himself half to death, this on-rails slice of terror should be the perfect addition to your game collection.



Ever watched a sci-fi movie, and thought: “I wonder what it would be like to float though space?” Well you can realise that fleeting thought with Adrift.

You’ll take control of a survival-challenged astronaut, aboard a now derelict space ship, and navigate through a confined world of low gravity and even lower oxygen levels. Mystery is the key to the story, and the eeriness of the surroundings will surely feel fantastically amplified by the VR technology.

Robinson: The Journey

Robinson The Journey

Jurassic Park. Yeah, it’s not an official tie-in, but come on. It’s Jurassic Park.

You’re not going to run into Samuel L. Jackson or Wayne Knight, but you are going to come up against a whole load of dinosaurs, which we guarantee will be infinitely more scary first-hand than they were on the silver screen.

Remember not to move if you see a T-rex.



This is the perfect remake opportunity, as far as we’re concerned, as the original Battlezone’s tank warfare felt slightly impaired by the limited technology.

You’ll drive this tank for real (kind of), and pit yourself in an arena of cell-shaded beauty against other, unsuspecting tank armies.

Destructible environments have never excited us so much

Dead Secret

Dead Secret

Point-and-click adventure games have often fallen short in recent years when it comes to popularity, but new possibilities with VR tech could elevate them.

Dead Secret is a classic murder mystery, in which you are placed right in the middle of the murky saga, and forced to solve the mystery of recent slayings, before you are taken into the land beyond yourself.

Tekken 7

Tekken 7

Maybe it’s just going to be an excuse to beat up your little brother, we don’t know, but what we do know is that this is the most exciting-looking Tekken game for years.

Sure, the controls are going straight out of the window, meaning that combat will be infinitely more entertaining, but this, the seventh instalment in the series, is also planning on incorporating heavy story elements, to round off the character’s individual quests.



We don’t even know what to tell you about this one, as information has been severely limited. But what we can tell you is that it looks gorgeous.

The game will apparently focus on creative play, meaning that it could end up being the new Little Big Planet, and from the trailer, it looks like a platformer of sorts.

Either way, it’d be fun to jump into VR, and have free reign over a personal world.

Eve: Valkyie

Eve Valkyrie

This new addition to the Eve cannon may just be an excuse to throw space ships into virtual reality, but who’s complaining about that?

The obvious limitations of other flight simulators have vanished, and now, it looks like you’ll be lucky to come out of a level of Eve: Valkyrie without throwing up from motion sickness.

Eagle Flight

Eagle Flight

This game is set in a world where humanity have completely vanished, and you and your flock of birds are left with absolute freedom to explore the skies of a posthumous Paris.

It seems like it may just be an excuse to play as an eagle, but it can’t be denied that Eagle Flight looks amazing graphically. And who hasn’t always dreamed of soaring way above the ground?

Plus, it’ll make good practice for other flight simulation games, or your imminent trip to France.

Rez Infinite

Rez Infinite

The original Rez has been re-imagined here, into a gorgeous, smooth, and trippy simulation through space and time.

It’s largely a platformer, and looks like it draws heavy influence from the basic VR mechanics. There’ll be plenty of moving, plenty of arm-waving, and plenty of dying, most likely.



Golem seems to focus on the artistic approach to video games we’re seeing so often nowadays, combining evocative music and wide-open landscapes to create an atmosphere both tender and daunting.

We suspect a heavy story implemented, else it’d just be an excuse to show off the brilliant stone golem characters, but we wouldn’t be complaining about that in any case. Shadow Of The Colossus for VR, anyone?


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