We asked a Manchester brewery to name their favourite pubs in the city
Crown and Kettle

With Manchester home to an ever-increasingly number of places to drink excellent beer, it can be hard to decide the best places to pop in for a pint.

So, with that in mind, we asked someone in the know – in this case Steve Dunkley, owner of Manchester brewery Beer Nouveau, for his take on the city’s best pubs.

Crown and Kettle

Lovely beer and lovely ceiling. Thanks @clloydjones1

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“Constantly changing, well-kept and well-priced beer with friendly bar staff who’ve been there more than a few months and recognise you when you walk in – giving a welcoming, friendly atmosphere in which to enjoy your pint.”

2 Oldham Road, M4 5EF, twitter.com/crownkettle

The Font (Manchester)

“For years this place has been providing a good range of beers alongside cheap cocktails and 2-4-1 bottles, educating the next generation of drinkers about the great beer out there. There’s near constant #PartyVibes and amazing food too.”

7-9 New Wakefield Street, M1 5NP, thefontbar.wordpress.com

The Brink

“Brand new bar, but has a great focus on local breweries. There’s a lot of great breweries around here, yet we rarely actually see them. We’re often asked “Where’s good for local beers?” and it’s hard to answer. Until now.”

65 Bridge Street, M3 3BQ, twitter.com/BrinkMCR

The Waterhouse

“Ignore the fact that this is a Wetherspoons, and you’ve got a multi-roomed pub with a decent range of beers from the more traditional breweries all over the country. The quality’s high and the price is low. It can get very busy, but it’s great for an afternoon pint.”

67-71 Princess Street, M2 4EG, more info

The Knott

“The more traditional cask breweries alongside the newer craft keg in what can be a very busy pub. The throughput of beer here is high, which means it’s always fresh and well kept.”

374 Deansgate, M3 4LY, knottbar.co.uk


When historians go for post-seminar drinks…

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“A very mature, relaxed atmosphere for its location just off Oxford Road. Ideal place to while away an afternoon doing paperwork over a few pints – especially when the sun shines in through the big front windows.”

120 Grosvenor Street, M1 7HL, sandbarmanchester.co.uk

Joshua Brooks

“Usually missed off any list of beer pubs, and I can’t think why. Always a very good range of beers, always high quality – and there’s enthusiastic staff.”

106 Princes Street, M1 6NG, joshuabrooks.co.uk

Beer Nouveau (and other brewery taps)

“There’s nothing like brewery fresh beer. Too often in bars you hear ‘It’s supposed to be like that’ when it’s not. With brewery bars you’re able to see the beer at its best, and are then able to answer ‘No it’s not!'”

75 Temperance Street, Manchester, M12, beernouveau.co.uk

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Main image: Crown and Kettle on Twitter (@crownkettle)